Wl Reports 17 18

22nd November 2017 - BBC v La Marina
A beautiful autumn morning for the trip south to La Marina and once again a couple of nail biting last ends which would decide the outcome of the game.

On Rink 2, Tim Woodcock, Trefor Evans, Mary Cockell and Maggie Lawley took two of the first four ends but found themselves adrift by a single shot, 4 - 5. The opposition took two singles and a three on the next three ends, followed by three singles from Maggie's team, so we were three behind at ten ends, 7 - 10. La Marina then took two two's, followed by two singles and a double from BBC, so still three down with three ends to play. A single for each side on the next two ends, 12 - 15 at seventeen. With every other rink finished, the overall shots win would be decided on this final end, we were one down on the total match score. A magnificent four gave Maggie and her team a one shot win, 16 - 15 and two valuable points but also secured the extra two points for the overall win. A hard fought but well earned win!

Gail Chick, Bob Cockell, Tony Lawley and Harry Chick, on Rink 3, got off to a good start, leading 4 - 3 at five ends and 8 - 5 after nine ends, having won five of them. In a barnstorming second nine ends, in which they only dropped a single on the fourteenth end, they amassed a match winning twenty one shots on their eight scoring ends, taking their two points with a 29 - 6 victory. Some great bowling from all players!

Rink 4, Greg Sperring, Iris Gardiner, Mike Smith & Jeff Richards had a slow start dropping two threes and a single to be 0 - 7 down after three ends. By the seventh end they were further behind, 2 - 12, but a three and a two brought them within five shots at nine ends, 7 - 12. Two ends later we were just four shots down, 9 - 13, not to be caught the opposition then took a three on the twelfth and a two on the thirteenth to lead 9 - 18. We then picked up two shots but lost a five on the fifteenth to be twelve behind, 11 - 23. Taking four shots to two over the last three ends we finished ten shots adrift, 15 - 25.

Jinty Chamberlain, Dave Bouttell, Richard Chamberlain and John Avey, on Rink 5, took a four on the first end and were still those four shots ahead, 8 - 4, after six ends, both teams having won three ends. A disastrous run of seven losing ends saw the score at 8 - 23 by the thirteenth. Some pride was restored with fours on the fourteen and eighteenth ends, final score 17 - 27.

On Rink 6, Christine Mawson, Clive Langan, Steve Griffin and Derek Mawson had a close tough fight throughout their game almost swapping shot for shot. 2 - 2 after three, 4 - 3 after six and 7 - 5 at nine ends. Derek and his team then took four of the next five ends to go further ahead, 12 - 7 after fourteen ends. The opposition then took two two's followed by a single to us leaving the score at 13 - 11 after seventeen ends. One down with one bowl to come! Their Skip had a great final bowl, resting our second shot, so two down, measure for three, not our day losing the closest of measures, 13 - 14!

So with two winning rinks and the overall shot difference of three, 90 - 87, we shared the twelve available points, six apiece.

15th November 2017 - BBC v San Luis
Not a good day for Benitachell at Home to current League Champions San Luis. Four of the games would only be decided on the last end, two went the wrong way and on the other two we managed to draw. So near yet so far!

So only a single point for the BBC Winter League side, going down by twenty five shots, 72 - 97 and a drawn game for the Berleen.

On Rink 1, Tim Woodcock, Trefor Evans, Mary Cockell and Maggie Lawley found the going difficult against strong opposition, despite some good bowling they were 12 - 0 down after eight ends. A glimmer of hope came with a two and a three on the next two ends but it was soon extinguished when their opponents took six consecutive ends to lead 5 - 20 at sixteen. A two and a single on the last two ends was no consolation, final score 8 - 20.

Christine Mawson, Clive Langan, Steve Griffin and Derek Mawson drew Rink 4 and shared the first four ends, with the score 3 - 2 in our favour. Only a single over the next five ends left them trailing 4 - 9 after nine ends and the opposition moved further ahead with a five on the eleventh, soon followed by a three on the thirteenth, 8 - 17. Singles were scored on the last five ends, final result 10 - 20.

Jinty Chamberlain, Dave Bouttell, Richard Chamberlain and John Avey had quite a tussle on Rink 5 against the San Luis Captain, Keith Jones and his team. Four each after four ends but two shots down at the ninth, 7 - 9. With two singles and a two against they were six down at the twelfth, 7 - 13, but with threes on the thirteen and fifteenth ends had drawn level by the sixteenth at 14 - 14. Their opponents took two singles on the last two ends, 14 - 16. A great effort.

Only dropping two ends of the first nine, Greg Sperring, Fely Croft, Mike Smith & Jeff Richards on Rink 7, stormed into a 15 - 3 lead, but were behind three ends later after their opponents took a two, a six and a five, 15 - 16. At fifteen ends we were on level terms, 17 shots each. Scoring a single and double, against a three for the opposition on the seventeenth the final score was 20 - 20, to take our only point of the game.

Out on Rink 8, Gail Chick, Bob Cockell, Tony Lawley and Harry Chick were in another tight game, just three shots behind after nine ends, 8 - 11, they then seemed to take control of the game by winning the next five ends, which included two fours, to lead 20 - 11 after fourteen. But alas, a strong finish from San Luis with three threes put them level on the seventeenth, 20 - 20. The final end single went to our opponents, 20 - 21.

The Berleen on Rink 6, Skipped by Iris Gardiner with Lynne Avey, Viv Humble and Bob Bailey took six singles against a 1, 3 & 2 to be all square, 6 - 6 after nine ends. The opposition came on strongly taking five of the next six ends to lead by 7 - 17 after the fifteenth. Not to be outdone, our players dug in and took the final three ends with a four and two threes to grind out a draw and one point.

There will be better days ahead!

8th November 2017 - BBC v Vistabella

Apologies to all our readers for the lack of reports for the previous four games but normal service is now resumed.

Today we travelled to Vistabella and played on a warm comfortable day. This has often been a tricky venue for us where games have been decided by just a few shots, often going the wrong way.
Would today be any different?

On Rink 1, Greg Sperring, Linda Richards, Mike Smith & Jeff Richards took three singles to lead 3-0, the opposition took three singles on the next three ends to tie the score at 3-3 after six ends. Over the next six ends, three twos to us, a 1,2,3 to them, the scores were still level 9-9 after twelve ends. Who would break the deadlock? A four to us on the next end was quickly discounted over the next four ends by our opponents who took a 2,1,2 & 1 to lead by two shots with one end to play. Unfortunately a single on the last was not enough and we lost by just one shot, 14-15.

Rink 2 saw Jinty Chamberlain, Dave Bouttell, Richard Chamberlain and John Avey take a four on the first end, followed by some consistent scoring, to lead 12-3 at nine ends. By the fourteenth end they had only lost three ends and were ahead 19-6 but three good ends by their opponents, a 5, 4, 4, levelled the teams at 19-19 on seventeen ends, who would hold their nerve? BBC, with a double on the final end to take a well deserved win 21-19 and two valuable points.

Next door on Rink 3, Gail Chick, Bob Cockell, Tony Lawley and Harry Chick continued with the consistent form they have shown all season. They led 4-2 after three ends, then won the next seven ends to be 16-2 after ten ends. 21-15 after fifteen ends, finally running out 24-8 winners, only dropping four ends in the whole game, a great two points and valuable shot difference. Well done!

Rink 5 was the one for Tim Woodcock, Trefor Evans, Mary Cockell and Maggie Lawley. A slow start, they were 1-5 down after five ends, but with a 4, 2, 2 and 1, they were 10-5 up after nine ends. Still five in front at fourteen ends, 14-9, but a dropped two on the next end followed by a four on the sixteenth end put them one shot behind 14-15. A single for us on the next end saw the scores level at fifteen all, another last end decider, sadly not our day this time, final score 15-16.

Christine Mawson, Clive Langan, Steve Griffin and Derek Mawson drew Rink 6 and took the first three ends with singles, a 2 and 3 to their opponents put the scores level 3-3 after five ends. Still level at nine ends, 7-7, then a surge by BBC over the next seven ends taking eight shots, to one against, 15-8 after sixteen. Dropping a two and three on the last two ends our team took their game by 15-13, two more points.

Four very close games which could have gone either way, two to us and two to Vistabella, but the big shot difference from Harry's rink gave us the extra two points for the overall win. So a hard earned 8-4 points with a shots score of 89-71.

Our Berleen team of Lynne Avey, Viv Humble, Bob Bailey and Vivian Erridge were on the other outside rink, number 8. Without scoring on the first four ends they were eleven shots down but with a 2, 3 and a four they pulled back to 9-11 by the seventh end. Still two shots behind after nine they were a bit further behind by the fourteenth, 12-16. However with a strong finish of six shots to one over the last four ends they took the narrowest of victories by one shot,18-17 and the two points that go with it.

Well done everyone.


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