A good time was had by one and all at the Christmas Whist, where food, drink and laughter were the order of the night. The caterers again produced a fantastic buffet which everyone enjoyed.

When the winners were read out, everyone was excited to hear that we might have a 'World Record' to report and yes, after talking with the people at 'The Guiness Book of Records' I can confirm that indeed Angie Bouttell achieved the lowest ever score for a Whist Night of 113 points…… well done Angie. I expect Angie was inspired by husband Dave's bowling score in the afternoon.

What and exciting night it was to end the year, Top Lady was Lynda Warnes with 173 points and Top Man was Mike Cox with 171 points.


Then came the result of the Jackpot winner and to hear if anyone had won this years Star Prize of the 2 week holiday for five people to the Maldives. The winning score for the holiday had to be 186 or more. It was a tense affair as the Jackpot score was announced and showed that the Jackpot winner Pam Coombe had missed the holiday by just 1 point with a score of 185.

Pam kept smiling for the Photocall but Whisters say they heard sobbing close to Pam's car on the way out.

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