This Triathlon between the big cats of the BBC, The Tigers, The Jaguars and the Lions took place on Saturday 4th September.

Not only was Bowls involved, but Dominoes, Whist, Pegs, Darts and three quizzes.

The Captains worked very hard to get the right people into the right teams, some with success and some not so.

The Red colours of the Jaguars against the Lions in Yellow and the Tigers in Blue told who was in which team.

The first 3 disciplines, Dominoes, Whist and Darts all went to the Lions as did the Bowls, but when it came to the quizzes, they were left wanting.

During a great meal that Sam and her team provided, the Quizzes were handed out. The first was General Knowledge, the second was Faces of well known people (that the lions did not know!) and Music, again the Lions were somewhat lacking, even their singing was someway off key. This is where the Tigers and the Jaguars pulled back the points.

Whilst the Lions won overall on the day, the real winner was the day itself, with all (well almost all) enjoying themselves, so much so that afterwards the 'hard core' were left singing and dancing to the music provided.

Well done to the captains and all the helpers for an excellent day.

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