Tigers Reports 17 18

Traditionally our matches vs BBC Jaguars are always closely contested and todays game was no different. However the Jags got the better of us today with a well deserved 8-2 points victory and a shot difference of +32.

On rink 1 Joyce Pope,Alan Guest and skip Maureen How started slowly but went 3 shots up at the halfway stage.However the Jags then won 8 of the remaining 9 ends to take the win 22-12.

On rink 2 Margaret Bailey,Dave Bouttell and skip Trefor Evans went down 5 shots after just 4 ends but stuck in to pull back to level the score at end 5.The game then swung too and fro with the score level with 1 end to play.A couple of great bowls from Trefor saw us win by 2 shots and 2 points for the Tigers,Well done team.

On rink 3 Clive Langan,Mike Smith and skip Greg Sperring suffered their first loss of the season losing 18-13 although they took 8 0f the 18 ends.Losing a 6 with 2 ends to go really put paid to a great team effort.

On rink 8 the team of Judy Hughes,Bert McLean and skip Bob Bailey were always behind to an on form Jags threesome going down heavily 28-9.

Our Challenger team suffered a similar result losing 25-11 against a strong Jags side.Although they won 8 ends they could not match the Jags on the day.

Our friendly side of Barry Jones,David Goddard and skip Sam Hughes played very well winning 10 0f the 18 ends to come out 14-20 winners. Many thanks to the Jags players who stepped in to make up the friendly..much appreciated.

Next match is away to El Cid where we expect to bounce back strongly.

Another excellent team performance by the Tigers at home to JG Quartz taking the match 8-2 and a shot difference of +20. Well done everyone.

On rink 1 Linda Thomson, Bert McLean and skip Bob Bailey lost the first end but two 4s saw them leading 14-05 at the halfway stage. Some great bowling by the Tigers followed to give them a resounding 26-09 win.

On rink 3 Clive Langan, Mike Smith and skip Greg Sperring had a really close game with the lead changing throughout. They were 06-08 down at the halfway stage but again fought back to win 7 of the remaining 9 ends coming out 17-11 winners.

On rink 4 Margaret Bailey, Dave Bouttell and skip Trefor Evans were neck and neck in the early stages but some steady bowling saw them 11-05 at the halfway stage. The second half remained a close contest but eventually the Tigers came through 20-18 winners.

On rink 8 Joyce and Ernie Pope with skip Maureen How started slowly loosing the first 7 ends but some determined bowling by all 3 Tigers saw them 11-11 with 3 ends to go. However, a strong Quartz side pulled ahead to take the game 12-17.

Our Challenger team of Peter Nesteroff, Rebecca Langan and skip Jak Logan were leading after 4 ends but then fell behind at the halfway stage by 3 shots. They fought back to then go 8 shots ahead after 12 ends but Quartz had a good run to be only three shots down with one end to go. Thankfully Tigers managed to hold on coming out 23-19 winners.

Our next game is away to BBC Jaguars.

The Tigers came back strongly this week away to Finca Guila coming out 6-4 winners. A close result with eventually a 2 point winning shot difference.

On rink 2 the team of Margaret Bailey, Dave Bouttell and skip Terry Corner took an early lead and stayed ahead until the 15th end. It was all square going into the last 2 ends but a 5 on end 17 ensured the victory for the Tigers.

On rink 3 Bob Bailey, Alan Guest and skip Maureen How were 6-0 up after 5 ends but a strong FG side then took 11 out of the next 13 ends to eventually win 17-08.

On rink 4 Sheila Fairburn, Bert McLean and skip Brian Doggett had a very close game and were 1 shot down at the half way stage. The match continued to swing eiher way with FG eventually coming out winners by 3 shots. However a superb 4 shots on the final end by the Tigers meant that we came out overall winners on the whole match and the extra 2 points.

On rink 5 Clive Langan, Mike Smith and skip Greg Sperring were behind after 3 ends but then fought back to win 8 out of the next 12 ends to come 21-12 winners.

On rink 6 our Challenger team of Joyce Pope, Peter Nesteroff and skip Ernie Pope were never behind and won comprehensively 22-06 taking 13 of the 18 ends. Well done.

Our friendly side of Jennifer Nesteroff, Linda Coughlin and Jak Logan came up against a strong FG side and a difficult end rink. However, they did manage to win 8 out of the 18 ends.

Next match is home to JG Quartz, Monday 9th October.

The new season started as usual with Tigers vs Lions. It was nip and tuck all the way with the Lions coming out on top by just 7 shots overall.

Rink 1: our team of Linda Thompson, Mary Cockell and skip Bob Cockell got off to a great start leading 12-3 after 5 ends. However, after losing an 8 on end 6 the scores were level at the half way stage. The Lions came out eventual winners 16-23.

Rink 2: our team of Sheila Fairburn, Bert McLean and skip Brian Doggett started slowly and were 0-7 after 5 ends but fought back to be only 3 shots down at end 13. Some close ends followed with the Lions eventually coming out victors 11-19.

Rink 3: our team of Bob Bailey, Alan Guest and skip Maureen How were 0-4 down after 4 ends but some solid bowling saw them go ahead 7-6 at the half way stage. After that they stayed ahead winning 22-12 and a useful 2 points.

Rink 7: our team of Margaret Bailey, Dave Bouttell and skip Mike Clark came of the traps to go ahead 6-0 after just 3 ends. They maintained the lead until the 17th end when the Lions went ahead by 1 shot. The final end went down to a measure but the Lions came out on top to win 16-18.

Rink 4: our Challenger team of Jennifer Nesteroff, Sandra Clark and skip Peter Nesteroff never got going against a very strong Lions team and went down 08-24.

Good effort by the Tigers, no disgrace in just losing to the current champions.

Next game is away to Finca Guila. Please see team sheet.

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