Summary Of The New Laws

on 1st April 2011

Bullet point dots have been removed and replaced with a law number. Slight word changes to many laws

8.5 Following up a challenge to bowls – 8.6 becomes 8.3, 8.3 becomes 8.4, 8.4 becomes 8.5 and 8.5 becomes 8.6

15.4 First to play - first end of set one, options as per 18.2.
Second set: The winner of the first set delivers the jack…
In all ends after the first in each set, the winner of the previous end should deliver the jack

15.5 Re-spotting the jack ..3 respot points only, if partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be placed as close as possible to the covered spot, in line with that spot and the corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl.

16 Formats of play - International - Triples 15 ends
(16.3.1 DOM REGS - CB decides all)

16.3.2 & 3 DOM REGS Regulations for substitutes and replacement players may differ from 50,51
CB may aletr programme as necessary to complete a competition

18.2.4 If the coin is tossed before the start of the trial ends, the option the winner of the toss chooses will apply to both the first trial end and the first end of the game.

18.4 Play in other ends
In all ends after the first but apart from an extra end, the winner of the previous scoring end should place the mat and then deliver the jack and the first bowl.

23.5 For domestic play, Member National Authorities can decide to change the distance from 23 metres to 21 metres.

37 37.1.7 The skip should: be responsible for the score card supplied by the Controlling Body while play is in progress; enter the names of all players of both teams on the score card; record, on the score card, all shots scored for and against the team as each end is completed; compare the score card with that of the opposing skip as each end is completed; and at the end of the game, record on the score card the time that the game finished and then sign it.

The duties of the second have been deleted

54.2 Deliberate non-sporting action Appeal time changed from 10 minutes to 24 hours

3.2 Additional spots 0.5 metres up rink deleted (re:15.5)

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