First Aid Course 2009

First Aid Course

Over a dozen members took part in the recent first aid course run, on behalf of the club, by Juan and Nora of Asociación Amigos Europeos de Jávea.

Juan and Nora explained the basic principles of first aid and how to react when confronted by an injured person or one in obvious discomfort. They also demonstrated various items of equipment carried in each ambulance and demonstrated one device for checking circulation and oxygen levels of the patient. We were getting along fine until Mike Easter was checked, only to discover he was showing no readings at all!! The sensor was placed on his finger, so it wasn’t a case just a case of - dead from the neck upwards. All came right in the end and a reading was obtained at the end of the session. The course concluded with us all trying our hand at fitting slings and bandages, some performed better than others.

If it has helped us to feel more confident to assist someone, in an emergency, then this course will have been worthwhile.

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