Seniors Singles

First Round to be Played by October 31st
Second Round to be played by December 7th
Third Round to be played by January 24th
Fourth Round to be played by February 20th
Semi-Finals to be played by March 8th

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Semi Final


D Mould v
D Meare
D Meare
J Cooper v
J Higgs
J Higgs J Higgs
M Croft v
J Golliot
M Croft John Higgs
C Meare v
F Croft
F Croft F Croft
P Collins v
M How
M How Alex Fisher
J McNelliey v
P Griffiths
P Griffiths Peter Griffiths
F Crowson v
D. McLaughlin
D. McLaughlin Alex Fisher
A Shacklady v A Fisher

N Doyle v G Posket

A Fisher
G Posket
A Fisher A Fisher


S Manser v S Calfe S Manser
T. H/Field
S Manser

Alex Fisher

M Sprawson v
D. Donaldson
D. Donaldson S Manser
D Mawson v
I Donaldson
I Donaldson Iain Donaldson
J Avey v
D Shaw
J Avey I Donaldson
L. Shacklady v
P Griffiths
P Griffiths Iain Donaldson
A Nelson v
D Farndon
A Nelson Pauline Griffiths
G Kay v
B Cockell
G Kay Geoff Kay
D Fielding v
H Kay
D Fielding G Kay
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