Secretary´s Information




EMAIL ADDRESS - moc.liamg|1cbb.ces#moc.liamg|1cbb.ces




EMAIL ADDRESS - moc.liamg|1cbb.cesmem#moc.liamg|1cbb.cesmem

Distribution of Information to Members

An up to date telephone list can be viewed in the Bowls Office. Bowls and Board Committee minutes will be emailed to the members, as and when they are available, by the Club Secretary.

Change of Telephone Number and/or Email Address

Please email the Membership Secretary if you have changed your telephone number or Email address: moc.liamg|1cbb.cesmem#moc.liamg|1cbb.cesmem.

Purchasing a Title?

If you are contemplating purchasing a Title, just a gentle reminder that this does require the approval of the Board before any exchange takes place. Please contact the Membership Secretary prior to negotiations – the process and the fee payable to the Club will be explained.

Europa WIFI

The BBC now have WiFi available for members in the club house supplied by Europa Network.

Click on Logo to enter the Europa Website

Emergency Contact Register

With many of us living away from our families, there could be difficulties in contacting family or close friends at the time of an emergency. Benitachell Bowls Club has set up a voluntary register for members who wish to have recorded Emergency Contact details to be used at such a time.

If you are interested in joining this scheme please contact the Club Secretary for a registration form. email - moc.liamg|1cbb.ces#moc.liamg|1cbb.ces .

Lost Property

The Club is accumulating items of clothing which have no identification marks on them; would members who would like to have the above items returned to them in future, please put identification marks upon them.

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