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Wanted - added to Web Page 31st May 2018

Set of Vector VS size 3 heavy bowls.

Call Mike Cox on 648729167

For Sale - added to Web Page 11th July 2018

Taylor Solitaire Bowls Size 3 Heavy for sale at €40.

Sylvia Ansell: via email: moc.liamg|1cbb.nambew#moc.liamg|1cbb.nambew

For Sale - added to Web Page 30th July 2018

Henselite Classic II Series C Size 4 Heavy €40.00.

Drakes Pride Fine Line Size 4 Heavy €40.00.

Trevor Neale 660659339

For Sale - added to Web Page 12th November 2018

Drakes Pride Advantage , Colour Blue/ Blue. Size 4 heavy - Stamped 2022.
Winning bowls in BBC Mens Singles club championship 2017 and 2018.

Drakes Pride Professional , Black. Size 4 heavy - Stamped 2018.
With Carry Bag.

Greg Sperring
966499815 ( home ) - email: moc.liamg|1cbb.nambew#moc.liamg|1cbb.nambew

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