League is a SIDE game made up of TEAMS (Law 14.3)

1) These Rules were introduced in April 2010.
This current amendment is affective from Juyl 2013 and should be read in conjunction with the necessary League Appendix.
2) All leagues shall be played under the 'Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Crystal Mark Second Edition' (including domestic regulations for Federacion Espanola de Bolos)
3) Any Club wishing to enter Side(s) in any League must make application to the relevant League Co- ordinator or Committee on a seasonal basis. It is the responsibility of Clubs to ensure green space is a priority for League fixtures , to include re-arranged matches.

4) Dual Club Membership
At the start of any season a player who is a member of more than 1 (one) Club MUST nominate to the relevant Club Secretaries which Club they will play ALL Leagues from for that season.
5) Change of Membership
If a player changes Club during a season they can play in any league for their new Club provided they have not left under any disciplinary proceedings. It will also be subject to written application by the new Club to and approval by the relevant Governing Committee, ie Federation, CBBA, SABA .
6) Interchange of Players Within a Club
Once a player has played for 1 (one) Side in a league they may NOT play for another Side in the same league. Violation of this rule will be deemed that the Side has not played a full side and Rules 17/18 will then be applied.
7) Ends Played
Singles will be played to 21 (twenty one) shots. Pairs, triples and fours will be played to 18 (eighteen) ends.
8) Scorecards
All scorecards MUST be completed with the FULL names of those taking part in the match. Scorecards will be retained by the respective Club and be produced on demand by/to the relevant League Co-ordinator.
9) Results
ALL results MUST be submitted by BOTH the home and away side to the relevant League Co-ordinator by 9pm on the day of the match. (with the exception of the Northern League see Appendix C and Premier 20 Summer League see Appendix F) Refer to relevant League Appendix for procedures to be followed. Failure to comply will result in a penalty of the deduction of 1 (one) point for the first offence and 2 (two) points for each further offence in a season.
10) Rinks for Play
Rinks to be played on are to be agreed by the 2 (two) Captains concerned. ( With the exception of the winter League Appendix A4 & Federated Fours League Appendix G3). In the case of non- agreement ALL rinks will go into the draw.
11) 2 (two) or More Sides from 1 (one) Club
Should there be at any time more than 1 (one) Side from any Club in any of the Leagues, such Sides shall play each other as early as possible in each half of the season.
12) League Winner
The Side, in any League, with the highest number of points at the completion of that League in that season will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie on points 'shot difference' will determine the winner. If match points and shot difference are equal the league result between the 2 (two) Sides (including shot difference) will decide the winner.
13) Substitutes
After commencement of a game should a player be unable to continue, then with the agreement of both skips, a substitute (if available) may be used but may NOT play skip. There can be NO substitute in a singles game which will therefore be forfeited. A player who is changed prior to the commencement of the match is NOT deemed to be a substitute.
14) Re-Arranged Fixtures
Any League fixture can only be re-arranged due to (a) adverse weather conditions either by mutual agreement or at the discretion of the home Captain, OR (b) if the green to be used is not playable. The relevant League Co-ordinator to be advised on that day by 9.00pm Any exceptional circumstances should be referred to the League Co-ordinators whose decision is final.
15) Game Stoppages
When a match is stopped and cannot be resumed on the same day, the match shall be deemed to be completed provided two thirds (2/3rds) of the scheduled number of ends have been completed (excluding any singles match(s) the score standing at the point of stoppage).

16) Postponed/Resumed Matches
a) A re-arranged date must be agreed by the Clubs concerned within 48 hours and the match played within 14 (fourteen) days of the original date. This must be notified to the relevant League Co- ordinator. Should the 2 (two) Clubs involved be unable to agree a date the matter will immediately be referred to the relevant League Co-ordinator. A date will be given and if the Clubs concerned cannot agree then the match is deemed not played and both sides will have a penalty of 2 (two) points.
If this fails then it is referred to the relevant Committee whose decision is final.
The exception being the final game of the program which MUST be played within 7 (seven) days of the scheduled date. If this fails then it is referred to the relevant Committee whose decision is final.
b) A date for a resumed match must be agreed within 48 hours by the Clubs concerned with condition 16 (a) applying. The scores will be as they were when the game was stopped. If necessary a team may have the following substitutes - 1 (one) in pairs, 2 (two) in triples, 3 (three) in fours. Substitutes may not Skip. If more substitutes in a team are needed then the team will be forfeit.
(Law 50, Law 51.4 and Law 18.1.1)
17) Points/Penalties
a) For each team 2 (two) points will be awarded for a win, 1 (one) point for a draw and 0 (nil) points for a loss; 2 (two) points will be awarded for overall shot difference with 1(one) point each if the overall shots are the same.
b)2 (two) points and 10 (ten) shots will be awarded to the opposition for each team not played and the offending side will also lose 2 points. (However, if a team starts but cannot finish a match, the offending side will not lose 2 points). If the whole Side does not play then the offending side will lose 20 points. An additional 2 (two) points will be awarded to the opposition in lieu of overall shot difference.
Any exceptional circumstances should be referred to the relevant League Co-Ordinator whose
decision is final.
18) Defaults
If a Club defaults on a total of 3 (three) matches, either by not playing a match or by not playing a full side or by withdrawing once the league has started, then they will be excluded from that League for the remainder of that League program and any previous results will be expunged from the records. This does not apply to a resumed game.
Should a Club be in default for 2 (two) consecutive years then they will not be able to enter a team in that league and division (of default) for the coming year.
19) Mixed Sides/Teams
Where the Rule for a League, under the relevant Appendix, specifies that a Side/Team must be mixed, then violation of the Rule will be deemed that a team(s) has not played and Rules 17/18 will apply. If a full Side plays, but in violation of this Rule, then the relevant League Co-ordinator will decide which team(s) in that Side will be forfeit.
20) Refusal to Play
Sides may not refuse to play in the last game of the season and so win by default.
21) Entry fees
As agreed by each League Co-ordinator/Committee
22) Rinks of Play
A player may play on the same rink on the same day provided it is in a different competition/match/game.
23) Appeal/Complaint/Query
If an appeal/complaint/query is made, it should be made to the relevant League Co-ordinator no later than 24 hours after the game affected. Any late challenges cannot affect the result of the match.

A CBBA Winter League & Berleen League
B CBBA Southern League
C CBBA Northern League & Challenger League
D SABA Winter & Summer Leagues
E Federation Kings Cup & Princes League
F Premier 20 Summer League
G Federated Fours League
H NABA Leagues

ISSUED July 2013

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