Royal Wedding April

We held our party to celebrate the Royal Wedding; the Clubhouse was decked out in bunting and flags to represent a traditional street party. Most of the 63 revellers, who attended, responded to the theme of red white and blue with the usual silly hats. The music was provided by the ever popular Barry Peters, with Sam and her team once again treating us to a superb buffet which was enjoyed by all.

Fred Crowson was his usual witty self and delivered the toast to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Once the meal was over everyone got into the swing and the dance floor was never empty, we had an unexpected treat when Sam, Vanessa, Sarah, Marie Carmen, and mum Encarna gave us a demonstration of of a Spanglish flamenco.

Many thanks to Viv Humble who has been the inspiration behind all of our social events during the past year, her skill and hard work have given our members so much pleasure. Well done Viv.

The Social side of our Club gives everyone the opportunity to get together and have fun away from bowling, but it does require a lot of time and hard work, We welcome new faces with fresh ideas.

Bob Cockell, Social Director

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