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BBC Jaguars V EC Sabres 20 November 2017

On a sunny November morning, we were pleased to welcome El Cid Sabres to the BBC. In a close fought game, the Jags came out ahead on two rinks taking the shot difference of 8, so 6-4 to the Jaguars, who also had a fantastic result on the Challenger 33-12, and another great Friendly 23-17.

Rink 2 Tim Woodcock, Viv Humble and Steve Griffin, did not get off to a good start, and were 7-2 down after 6 ends. A 3 and a 5 on end 7 & 8 took the Jags into the lead 10-8on the 9th end. The opposition only won two more ends, the Jags finishing with a fantastic 25-13 win.

Rink 3 Christine Mawson, Sally Rush, and a Welcome Return of Iris Gardiner, had a great first half, and were leading 9-4. The opposition only winning 6 ends and the Jags gaining an 8 on the 16th end, secured another 2 points, and gave the Jags a brilliant victory, 27-9

Rink 5 Mal Chamberlain, Pam Coombe and Derek Mawson had a difficult game against strong opposition. Despite a determined effort the Sabres went well ahead the Jags losing out 9-26

Rink 6 Trevor Rush, Jackie Munt & Viv Erridge, had a difficult start, and were 3-15 down at the hallway stage. Our team fought back hard in the second half, finally losing the game 13-18

Rink 1, saw the Challenger team Mick Adams John Ranger and Chris Barnsby lead from the start, were 18-7 up at the 9th end, only losing 5 ends in the whole game, and finishing well ahead on 33-12

Rink 8 our Friendly team of Julie Robson, Richard Gardiner & Jack Chamberlain, had a tight first half, down 11-12, but the team dug deep, winning the game 23-17.

Well done Jaguars!! Next week’s game will see us back in Javea against JG Onyx.

Tim - Jaguars Captain

JG Quartz V BBC Jaguars ​​​ ​ ​9 November 2017

A short trip to our friends at JG Quartz today, on a very chilly but sunny morning. The sun may have been shining on Quartz, but the result was decidedly chilly. Winning on just one rink, the Quartz took the game 8-2 and also won the Challenger 23-12
Some enforced changes to the line-up this week

Rink 1 John Avey, Jack Chamberlain and Viv Erridge, had a slow start against a strong Quartz team, and were 13-5 down at halfway. The final result being 22-11 to Quartz

Rink 2​ Christine Mawson, Lynne Avey and Lynne Stothard, had a great first half, and were leading 9-3, the Quartz stepped up a gear, and took the second half, winning the game 22-13.

Rink 3​ Tim Woodcock Viv Humble and Steve Griffin, could not seem to keep the shots in the first half, and at 10 ends were 16-2 down winning only 2 ends. What a turnaround in the second half, starting with a 7 and with Quartz only winning 2 more ends, a nail biting last end, saw the Jags Victorious taking the game 21-22​

Rink 7 Mal Chamberlain, Pam Coombe and Derek Mawson had a very slow start, not scoring until they secured a fantastic 6 on end 6. However, despite a valiant effort the Quartz continued to dominate the game, with a final score of 20-11

Rink 6 our Challenger team of Mick Adams, John Ranger and Chris Barnsby had a hard fought game throughout, losing the game 23-12.

Onwards and Upwards Jaguars, let´s put this behind us.

Our next game will be at home against EL Cid Sabres on Monday 20 November. Team sheet will be published early next week.

Tim - Jaguars Captain

BBC Jaguars V Bonalba 30 October 2017

It is always a pleasure to welcome our friends from Bonalba. A match played in really good spirit on both sides, with a final score of 10 – 0 to the Jaguars, who also won the Challenger rink and the Friendly.
Well done to all Jaguars what a turnaround from last week!!

Rink 1 Christine, Sally and Lynn, had a great game having scored a 6 on the second end. Our girls dominated the game throughout, only losing 4 ends, and securing a brilliant win of 27 – 9

Rink 6 Trevor, Jackie and Viv E, had a slow start but went ahead on end 5, gaining a fantastic 6 and a 4, maintaining a lead of 14 - 6 at the halfway stage. The team dug deep finishing well with a final score of 25 – 11.

Rink 7 Tim Viv H and Steve, saw the lead pass from one to the other until our team scored a 5 on the 7th end. Another 5 on the 10th kept our team ahead, right to the finish, securing the match 24 – 10

Rink 8 Mal, Pam & Derek were trailing until they scored an amazing 6 on end 6, and gaining a 12 – 7 advantage at the halfway stage. The team kept the pressure on despite a determined effort by Bonalba, and finished with a score of 19 – 14

Rink 5 our Challenger Team skipped this week by Mick, with John and David. had a steady start, but staying slightly ahead at the halfway stage. Our team again dug deep and finished with a brilliant result, 27 – 16 to the Jags.

Rink 2 Our Friendly team of Peter, Barry and Jack, again a steady start staying 7-4 up at the 9th end, but a great second half saw our team victorious with a score of 24 – 11

Once again well done to all Jaguars, what a result!! And great to see such a supportive attitude from all the teams.

One Happy Captain today!!
Tim - Jaguars Captain

BBC Lions V BBC Jaguars 23 October 2017

Not such a good day at the Office today. The Lions winning on all 4 rinks, taking the shot difference of 21, and also the Challenger rink.
No to be disheartened the Jaguars played some great games, and fought hard throughout the match. We were just outbowled on the day but with some very strong playing from the Jaguars.

It looked like Viv, Trevor and Jackie were going to take a couple of the points with 17 all on the 17th end. Despite a great fight, the Lions got the one shot on the last.

Home next week on Monday 30th to Bonalba.

Well done to all Jaguars!!

Tim Woodcock – Jaguars Captain

BBC Jaguars V BBC Tigers 16 October 2017

Well what a result!! Congratulations to all Jaguar teams. A fantastic win against a very strong Tigers team 8-2 to the Jaguars, who also took the Challenger rink 25-11 Again WELL DONE!!

Rink 1 Christine Mawson, Sally Rush and Lynne Stothard, lead from the start with a brilliant winning run of 4 ends, although the Tigers got a hold, and at the 9th end, the Jags were 8-11 down. A fantastic recovery the Jags winning 8 of the next 9 ends to take the game 22-12. A brilliant and well deserved 2 points.

Rink 2 Jackie Munt, Trevor Rush and Viv Erridge, got off to a steady start with the game 9-9 at the 9th. A tight game, with a level score on the 17th of 19 all, but despite a determined attempt the Tigers took the game 19-21.

Rink 3 Mal Chamberlain, Pam Coombe and Derek Mawson, played a steady first half and kept the lead 8-4 at the halfway stage. Our Jags kept the pressure on, with a 6, on the 16th end winning the game 18-13. A valuable 2 points.

Rink 8 Tim Woodcock, Viv Humble and Steve Griffin once again got off to a great start, leading the game 17-8 at the 9th end. Digging deep, they only lost 4 ends on the entire game, with an overall score of 28-9. Another 2 superb points.

Rink 4 saw our Challenger team of Mick Adams, John Ranger and Chris Barnsby, once again take control of the game, leading 15-4 at the halfway stage. A fantastic 6 on the 13th end meant the Jags maintained the lead throughout, finishing with an impressive 25-11 win for the Challengers.

Rink 6 saw a predominately Jaguars friendly, with 5 of the 6 Jaguars players. However, the on loan players of Barry Jones, David Goodall, with the Tigers Skip, Sam Hughes, beat Wendy Jones Julie Robson and Jack Chamberlain 20-14. Thank you all for playing!!

What another great result!! Keep it going everyone, the teams are bonding and playing well together.
Our next game, is AWAY to the BBC Lions on Monday 23rd October

Tim Woodcock – Jaguars Captain

EC Swords V BBC Jaguars 9 October 2017

It was with some apprehension that we travelled the short distance to El Cid, after the swords 10-0 defeat away against Javea Quartz last week. However, the teams all played well, and we came away winning two rinks, drawing one and a shot difference of 19 giving us a 7-3 win. EC Swords taking the challengers 14 20.

Rink 2 Christine Mawson Sally Rush & Lynn Stothard, played against an experienced side. A tight first half, with the scores level on the 10th end at 9 a piece, and then it was nip and tuck right to the last, but a great Drawn game, and a valuable point to the Jaguars.

Rink 3 Tim Woodcock Viv Humble & Steve Griffin, lead from the start, winning 11 ends. At 9 ends the Jags were ahead 15-4, but the team dug in, and a fantastic 7 on the 12th end kept them well ahead, and winning another 2 points with a 34 – 8 victory

Rink 4 Jackie Munt Trevor Rush & Viv Erridge had a solid first half, against a really strong Swords team, with both teams on 12 points on the 12th End. The Swords won all but one of the last 6 ends and secured a swords victory of 13-21.

Rink 5 Mal Chamberlain, Pam Coombe and Derek Mawson did not start well, but pulled back fighting all the way winning 10 ends and with a suburb last end secured another 2 valuable points and a 16-15 Win.

Rink 6 saw our challenger team of Mick Adams John Ranger & Chris Barnsby, just 1 point behind at the halfway stage. A Strong second half by the swords, saw our challengers taking a 14-20 defeat.

Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic result, I could not be happier with the result and the way our teams are bonding together.
Our next game, at HOME to the BBC Tigers on Monday 16th October

Tim Woodcock – Jaguars Captain

BBC Jaguars V JG Opals 5 October 2017

Our long awaited first game of the season against our neighbours from Javea. A glorious day and a hard fought game. 2 games each won, shot difference of 8 going to the Opals 6-4. Jaguars winning the Challenger 28-10

Rink 1 , New Captain Tim Woodcock & Viv Humble along with Skip Steve Griffin played a close fought game, Javea leading 12-9 at the half way stage. Winning 6 of the last 9 ends the Jaguars fought back, finishing with a closing score of 22-19. A Valuable 2 Points.

Rink 2 was the Friendly rink with our new team members Veronica Eadsforth & David Bradbury skipped by Jack Chamberlain. The Jaguars lead right from the start with a fantastic score of 22-15 Well done!!

Rink 3 Christine Mason and Sally Rush Skipped by our New Vice Captain, Lynn Stothard had a slow start, being 9-4 down after 6 ends. The team fought hard but were beaten 25-12 by a strong opposition.

Rink 4 Our challenger team of Mick Adams & John Ranger with Chris Barnsby as Skip had a fantastic game and lead from the start. Only losing 4 ends and finishing strongly 28-10, again Well Done Jaguars!!

Rink 5 Mal Chamberlain & Pam Coombe skipped by Derek Mawson. Another close fought game, the Jaguars slightly ahead at the 9th, leading 11-10. A 4 on the 10th end, and another on the 18th secured the Jaguars another great 2 points winning 23-16

Rink 8 Trevor Rush & Jackie Munt, and returning as Skip Viv Erridge, took a while to get into their stride, trailing 4-10 at the halfway stage. The Jaguars fought back hard, needing a 3 to win on the last end. It looked like the game was ours for a while, but the Opals scored a 2 on the last, taking the game 12-17.

A solid start for the team, our next game with the same line up, Away to El Cid Swords on Monday 9th October.

Tim Woodcock – Jaguars Captain

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