Night of Passion & Crime

What a fantastic night it was last Saturday evening with the Clubhouse full of gangsters and molls enjoying the theme of passion and crime. There was certainly a lot of passion, but I’m not so sure about the crime. Those nasty looking gangster types tooting firearms and swigging bootleg liquor gave the place an air of prohibition mixed with lots of fun. Fortunately the local clerics were in attendance to offer spiritual guidance to those in the most need.

When it came to the judging of the goody and the baddie - the judges, from catering organised crime together with music incorporated, chose as goody the Reverend Kenn Denton and the baddie had to be Fred Crowson, the dastardly phantom of the opera.

We are still wondering why the two clowns were there juggling and spinning plates – we think they might have been a cabaret act. Also Madame Liz Henningham and her naughty girls who were kept extremely busy throughout the night!

Thanks go to Samantha and her team for an excellent meal and also to all the Social Committee team, especially Liz Henningham and Ruth Meadows who did so much to ensure the event ran so smoothly.

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