Midsummer's Night Buffet Dance

On the longest day of the year the Club held the Mid-Summer Dance – except that this year it was held in the courtyard at the Club. Seventy-five people attended the function and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much. The weather was, perhaps, a fraction cooler than we would have wished but once the dancing started it was quite warm enough!

The Caterers, as usual, provided us with a lovely summer-style buffet and the wine flowed freely but there again it does tend to do this. Thanks to Ged, Paula and their team for their hard work.

The entertainer was Barry Peters who really got the crowd going right from the beginning of the evening.

The Social Committee would like to thank the small army of volunteers who turned out on Sunday morning to transform the courtyard into a garden-like scene complete with lighting effects, achieved without a single case of electrocution. All work was supervised, from her director’s chair, by the new Premises Director complete with whip and megaphone!!!! (It was rumoured that she was also seen furtively sweeping the courtyard – any photos that could be used in evidence would be very welcome.) The overall result was quite stunning and appreciated by everyone on the night.

Also, a special thanks to Malcolm, John, Dave, Eric and Fred who turned up at 9 a.m. on Monday morning to help Viv and Liz return the Club to normal. Your help was very much appreciated.

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