Masters 09/10

The 2009


Friday November 20th
Perhaps, and aurguably one of the best competitions on the Costa Blanca, with mixed teams of 5 competing in groups of Singles, Fours, Triples and Pairs, scoring 2 points for a win etc. There were indivdual winners as well as runners-up prizes for all the 4 disciplines’ with the major prize going to the overall winning team.

The overall winners were Maggie & Tony Lawley, Yvonne Briden, David Greenhalgh and Derek Eldon. The runners-up were Carol & Terry Walsh, Wendy Symonds, Chris Evans and Clive English.

The overall winning team of left to right Tony & Maggie Lawley, David Greenhalgh, Yvonne Briden (BBC) and Derek Eldon (Javea) with the Sponsors Maria and Mark from Ibex Insurance and Paul from Swiss Cable.

The pairs winners, sponsored by Ibex Insurance, were Chris Evans and Clive English, with runners-up Maggie and Tony Lawley. In the triples, the winners, sponsored by Swiss Cable, were Jean McLaughlin, Richard Rossley and Alan Hall, with the runners-up of Jeff & Linda Richards and Maclolm Sprawson.

September 24th
With all the rain that has fallen over the last few days it was wonder that the first two disciplines were completed within the four days.

The first day was played in warm and sunny conditions and even the first session on day two was completed, but then the rains came.

The Individual Winners Final for the Singles and Fours resulted in Derek Eldon taking the Singles Title sponsored by Avalon Funeral Plans, for his team D4. The Fours sponsored by Direk Optic, was won by Sheila Manser, Maureen How, Mary Cockell and Morris Jones for their team A1.

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