Loftus Trophy


This years annual Loftus trophy competition (in memory of past members Beryl & Terry) which is specifically for new bowlers to the BBC produced some magnificent bowling.

A field of twenty new bowlers all eager to show how much they had learnt were soon battling it out head to head, with touchers galore it was obviously going to be a fight to the end.

And after the first round it was still very much anyone's game with no obvious leader in the running. Refreshed and cooled down slightly the draw for round two was undertaken.

Round two produced another batch of tightly contested games with still everything to play for by the whole group.

Lunch break and the talk was of near misses, lucky wicks and all the normal bowling what if's.

By now wIth the mid day sun now fully shinning down on the green and the temperature rising to 30+ the players went out for the final round.

Two drawn games on the final session helped sort the front runners from the pack and when the cards were collected it was a tense period before the results could be announced.

However the pressure for these new bowlers was not yet over. The overall winner with the best shot difference was Mallory but runner up position was yet to be decided. On equal points and equal shot difference it meant a corner to corner shoot out for Angela and Bob to see who would claim the runner up prize.

A first tentative bowl from Bob left a large space for Angela to draw in, but perhaps the adrenalin kicked in and her first bowl shot across the green and sailed pass the jack to end up sitting in the ditch. Bob's second bowl was only just a bit closer but a superb recovery shot from Angela left her winning bowl just under a meter from the Jack snatching the runner up position.

Club President Brian Doggett presented the prizes in a cool club house and thanked all who took part and gave his personal thanks to Club Vice Captain Tony Lawley for organising and running the event so successfully.
With the standard of bowling displayed during this competition the future of the club will continue to flourish.

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