BBC LIONS 2018-19


Where do I start? Well the weather is always an ice breaker so here goes. Will we play, won't we play? The forecast was grim and rain accompanied us as we travelled down to Montemar. Miracle of miracles the cloud broke to give bright conditions and the playing surface was nigh on perfect.

Replacements had to be bought in as some of our regulars were unable to play and this caused a reshuffle of the teams, but it worked well. League coordinator Keith Jones welcomed all and introduced June Jones who Umpired the games. Introductions completed it was game on.

Four ends in and we were up on two, down on two and one game was tied. Dudley Davies, Maria Moraweic and Carol Davies on rink 2 and Richard Chamberlain, Maurice Flynn ( playing his first game of the season) with Jinty Chamberlain leading were on rink 4. Throughout the season these two teams have been brilliant and their efforts helped us all in securing a playoff place. Unfortunately this was not their day and both teams suffered uncharacteristic losses. Looking back (after the event) if they had not lost we would have been deprived of one of the best finals in a playoff you will ever have the pleasure of watching.

On rink 5 the Lionesses were without Yvonne Browne so Jeff Richards moved across to skip the ladies, Lynda Warnes 2 and Linda Richards leading. No hesitation on this game scoring shot after shot, 6th end 8 - 0 up, 12th 10 - 4 up another 8 shots in the last 6 ends saw them coming out 18 - 8 winners. Two points in the bag. Terrific and their game finished so that they were spectators to the final outcome. Many thanks from your Captain in verifying the trust I had in you.

Now for the meaty bit!!!!!!!

Skip Jacquie Roberts, Annie Jones leading and myself as 2 were on rink 1. The ladies had a brilliant game but not so for your Captain. My Skip diplomatically pointed out -'at least the woods are behind'. (Rule one in Bowls always cover your 'Backside"!!!

Maggie Lawley, Brian Fenton and Rod Warnes were on rink 3. This was another made up team due to the absence of Noel Ovenall and Trevor Neale. My selection worked well with Maggie's knowledge and ability, Brian's drawing prowess and Rod Warnes playing the perfect leads game, drawing and covering. 6th end was 6 - 6, 12th end 11 - 10 up. We on the other hand were 5 - 7 down on the 6th, on the 12th 7 - 13 down, then a fight back with Skip Jacquie playing some outstanding takeouts and perfect draw weight enabled us to pick up 7 shots on the next 5 ends to go into the 18th end tying at 14 all. Meanwhile back on rink 3 Maggie's game stood at 14 all on the 15th end. Back on rink 1 for the final end Bella Vista were holding two shots in a clump inches from the Jack, both Skips bowled, Jacquie with her first wood managed 2nd shot - not good enough. Peter the opposition Skip bowled a wood behind to cover. Jacque's 2nd wood joined the pack but needed more pace and Peter's wood was short. Finals bowls. Jacquie to go first - fire or draw? Compromise a wood just over draw weight which seemed like an eternity to arrive, no noise, Maggie's game suspended and all the other games finished so the bank and side was thick with spectators. The wood arrived and rocked off her own wood which was wedged in and it pirouetted around the shot wood, it settled back on it to become itself shot. After the applause and cheering all that remained was for Peter to bowl his last wood. A discussion ensued and they left Peter to do his own thing. The only course of action …………FIRE……………………which he did and it went through the head not contacting anything. WOW again WOW!!!! 2 points from a game that was sealed and delivered by Bella Vista, but, not by us Lions. Back on Maggie's rink the game ensued with the knowledge that they needed to win. Last end the score was 17 - 14 up but opposition holding 3 and a measure. Maggie's last wood pushed one of the Lions woods up for 2nd. Everyone held their breath. This caused the opposition Skip to fire into the pack, a perfect wood which picked up the Jack and deposited it in the ditch. No problems as the Lions had the best back woods. The Lions roared the crowd were ecstatic - 'bloody brill'!!!!

All I have left to say, is thank you for an enjoyable and successful season. I have asked, and you have, once again, delivered. Thanks must go to Barbara Flynn our reserve for the day and all our absent Lions, Helen and Noel Ovenall, David Laughton, Yvonne and David Browne, and Janet and Trevor Neale Our new bowlers Chris and Ron Vodden and Ann and Clive Montaut for bowling in the friendlies.

Thanks must also go to the travelling spectators. Lin and John Avey, Linda and Richard Thompson, Trefor Evans, Kate Fenton and John North (from Javea Green an 'Old Lion' and friend.) If anyone is missing my apologies. See you all at Lunch on Friday.

Captain Dave Roberts



To para phrase a 40's film, Went the Day Well Indeed. Last game of the season against our old rivals who were after points to be the top Javea Green Team. Whereas we needed 4 points to cement the title, assuming the Tigers, away at the JG Opals, picked up 10 points. Good weather, greetings over, game on.

Rink 2 had our Lionesses, Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards, against John Pittway's team. 6 - 7 down on the 6th end and 10 - 16 on the 12th. A pick up of 7 shots on the last 6 ends was countered by the oppositions 4 leaving the score at 17 - 20 —- 9 ends each. A really great effort from the girls and a big thank you for all your dedication this season.

Rink 3 Jeff Richards, Rod Warnes and Trevor Neale, 6 ends and the score was 7 - 9 in the Quartz favour, it was at this stage that a little bite of apprehension started to creep in as Dudley's team was showing 3 - 6 down on the same amount of ends, as were our Lionesses. Panic over as the Alpha males kicked off with 9 shots in the next 6 ends making 16 - 11 up and finishing 23 - 16 winners. A valuable 2 points. Our all 'boys' team have had another brilliant season. Many thanks.

Rink 6 hosted Jacquie, Annie and myself where in the previous week against the Swords we had a disastrous game. We all went out there to kill a few devils and bury them, We Did!!! 9 - 1 up on the 6th end. The only rink up at that point and that inspired us to dig deep and concentrate. 17 - 2 up on the 12th end and finishing 27 - 7 winners. 2 valuable points with a 20 + and a sigh of relief as Jeff's team were well in control of their game in the latter stages. A enjoyable and competitive season from both my ladies.

Rink 8 had Dudley and Carol Davies with Maria Moraweic. My sympathies were with them as we have all experienced the occasional defeat. They fought back in the later stages which saw them reduce the deficit to 15 - 25. Throughout the season Dudley's team has contributed to our success and Dudder's has been a good Vice Captain giving his support to me and the teams. Well done.

Last but not least by any means we have the Challengers, Richard and Jinty Chamberlain and this week supported by David Laughton. The Jaguars had the title sown up going into this game but our Trio gave their all 7 - 8 down on the 6th end, 11 all on the 12th, but, unfortunately although sharing the ends 9 all the final outcome was a loss, 19 - 21. A terrific effort by all. Richards was tasked to win the league and unfortunately the Quartz incident earlier in the year (my mistake) maybe caused us to loose the title, who knows?' We came 2nd and should feel proud of the result. Well done.

The completion of the game gave us 6 points, more than enough to retain the title. Mont y Mar and the Vistabella Lanzarotes beckon on the 1st, IT IS OUR TIME.

Captain Dave.


Apart from the pine pollen conditions were perfect for a game of bowls. This was our penultimate game of the season. Tigers 2 points in front and all to play for. Rink 1. had Jeff, Noel and Rod, they took control of the game from the start. The opposition picking up their first shots of 4 on the 5th end, then another 2 shots on the 13th. The outcome was 27 - 11 a fantastic results from our lads. Unfortunately this was the last game of the season for Noel as he leaves with Helen to go back to the UK on the 17th, missing our final game on the 17th. Many thanks to your self and Helen for your support this season. Have a successful summer and we await your return in the Autumn.
Rink 3 hosted Carol, Dudley and Maria. Steady scoring saw them 8 - 1 up on the 5th end, then a whoopsey dropping a 6 on the 6th. This galvanised our trio and no more points were dropped until the 12th with the score 23 - 8. Swords fought back but the Lions held on coming out 25 - 15 winners. Brilliant.
Rink5 had our Lionesses, Lynda, Yvonne and Linda. They were up against an all male team, our girls love these challenges and the outcome was a give and take affair going down to the wire. 5 - 4 up on 6, 8 - 11 down on 12, then 5 shots on the next 4 ends saw the girls 14 - 11 up, only to drop 2 bringing the score to 14 - 13 on the 17th. Thankfully a 2 shot pick up made the girls 16 - 13 winners on the completion of the game. Well done girls.
Rink 6 had Jacquie, Annie and yours truly. Plenty of excuses for our poor performance but Annie and myself were not there leaving Jacquie too much to do. The opposition found the green more suitable to than us, it was not until the 11th end that we started scoring. Too little - too late. We ended 8 - 24 losers. An aside the two captains Paul Truncheon and myself, who should have been setting the mark both lost their games by 16 shots!!!!!!!!!
Rink 8 had the Challenger League, once again our trio consisted of Richard, Jinty and Brian, going into this game Lions were in 3rd place behind the Swords and Jaguars. The Lions went ahead from the start 8 - 4 up on 6, 12 - 7 on the 12th end. The team continued to score with steady bowling (which we could not on Rink 6 - oh to be on 8 we cried). They played well and finished 20 - 10 winners, a well earned 2 points. Terrific. This puts our Challenger in 2nd place - on the same points as the Jaguars - they have 2 games left and we have 1. All to play for.

Final game at home on the 18th March to the Quartz - 5 points needed to take the trophy.

Captain David Roberts


To all my readers we are still in the chase for the league championship. A terrific result of 8 - 2 at Bonalba, marred by one rinks loss and also a loss by the Challenger. Our Tigers had the same result at home so we are still 10 points clear with 2 home games left and the Tigers 3. They are at home on the 28th February to JG Onyx - away on the 4th March to Finca Guila - away again on the 18th March to JG Opals. Our next game is the penultimate one - home on Thursday 7th March to EC Swords and our final game home to our old rivals JG Quartz on Thursday the 18th March. I cannot remember a closer end to the season, but, the certainty in my book is (at least) that BBC will be on top. The score cards say it all about our game at Bonalba. Lionesses and Alpha Males plus the Welsh Wizards trio all performed well. Jacquie, Annie and myself kept it tight loosing by only 6 shots. The Challenger trio of Richard, Brian and Jinty pulled back well and only lost by 4 shots. Thank you to Helen Ovenall for being our travelling reserve.

Once again well done all. I am sure I will be seeing some of you at the club on the 28th February?

PS: End of season Lunch at Attico in the Port is to take place on Friday 5th April - 13.00 - 13.30. Names and menu choice is on the Lions board in the cabin.

Captain David Roberts

BBC LIONS V JG ONYX 11th February 2019

Absolutely brilliant result on all five rinks.


Captain Dave Roberts

BBC Lions v Finca Guila 4th February 2019

A sunny day with very little wind, perfect for bowling. Rink 1 saw our Challengers with Richard Chamberlain skipping along with Brian Fenton and Jinty Chamberlain. A slow start for our trio, 4 - 1 down on 4, then steady pick of of 3 - 2's and 3's culminating 15 - 9 on the 14 end. then again they picked up another 5 which put them into an unassailable lead and they came out 22 - 12 winners. Well done a brilliant result.
Rink 2 had Carol Davies Leading, Maria 2 and Dudley Davies skipping. Straight off the blocks with this trio taking a 4 on the first end, then a further 13 shots on the next 5. This put them 17 - 2 shots up on the 6th end. Great stuff, they never relinquished the lead and came out 28 - 13 winners. Nice to see Carol back bowling after her back problems. Rink 4 Jacquie and Dave Roberts with Annie Jones, this was a nip and tuck game, up and down with the lead changing all the time. On the 14th end the opposition picked up a 3 making it 14 - 14. But the trio concentrated hard giving us 2 - 3 - 2 on the last 3 ends making it 21 - 14. Another hard earned 2 points. Rink 6 had our Alpha males. Once again on good form dominating the game the whole 18 ends only dropping 4 ends and 5 shots, finishing with the score at 26 - 5. Brilliant result, well done. Rink 8 had our Lionesses Linda, Yvonne and Lynda. They battled against an all male rink Skipped by Haydon Simkiss. This went to the wire, on the 6th end the score was 4 all. On the 12 end 9 all. Going into the 17 end the girls were 14 - 13 down. Once again they held their own and Lynda with the last 3 woods took out the oppositions shot and succeeded in keeping it to gain 3 shots making them 16 - 14 winners. A brilliant result well done. This gave us the 10 points with 2 for the challengers. What a perfect day, thank you Lions, certainly cheered me up as I am suffering Man Flu.

Captain Dave Roberts


BBC Lions v BBC Jaguars 28th January

Away to Jaguars today with the wind at times making bowling extremely difficult. A terrific result - 10 points. Well done all of you lions.
Rink 1 saw the Alpha males beginning to gain the lead after 6 ends and winning with a score at the end of the game 21 - 7. Rink 2 had Jacquie Roberts, Trevor Neale and Annie Jones, Trevor very kindly stepping in for yours truly. It was a very close game, Trevor with his last wood on the 14th end carried the jack to lie 3 and Jacquie managed another 3 to gain a six which gave them the lead which they did not relinquish. Rink 4 with Dudley Davies, Maria and David Laughton 7 all on 6, then an up and down game until the last end when the score was 18 - 17 on the 17th end. Dudley managed with his last wood drew in to save the end. The Lionesses were on Rink 5 and they went ahead right from the start and were in a comfortable lead when they dropped a 6 on the 16th end. Which made it 17 - 14. They stayed cool and picked up 5 shots in the next two ends to come out 22 - 14. Our challengers on Rink 3 with Jinty and Richard chamberlain with Brian Fenton started as they meant to go on. On the 6 end they were 14 - 0 up. On the 12th end a fight back by the Jags saw the score 15 - 9. Then a give and take saw the final score at 22 - 16. The Friendly on Rink 6 with Clive and Ann Montaut (our new Lions, welcome) assisted by Helen Ovenall. They all played well, 7th end 8 - 5 up but the Jags took the next 6 ends, on the 13th end the Jags took the lead and were 15 - 8 up. Sadly for them they did not manage to stay in the lead as the Lions fought back and on the 17th end 17 - 15. A nail biting finish saw the Jags only picking up 1 shot. Brilliant 17 - 16 to our Lions. An excellent effort by everyone. Thank you one and all.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC Lions v JG Opals 24th January

Away at Javea Green Opals, with 40 miles an hour winds. Cold and overcast which sums up the morning. Not the result we all wanted but congratulations must go to the Alpha Males for their win, i.e Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes who saved us from a white wash. Forget it and lets move on. The Challengers were also a bright spot in the day as they i.e Richard and Jinty Chamberlain with Brian Fenton picked up a valuable 2 points keeping the team in contention. Today also saw our newby Christine Vodden having her first game she was supported by Helen Ovenall who had a steady game and was skipped by Sam Hughes (from the Jags) a good win thanks Sam.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC Lions v Calpe 17th January 2019

First report for the New Year and what a report. As Vice Captain remarked "in the Jungle they say, Heffalumps do not forget"!!!! and nor do the Lions. A complete reversal of the 10 nil loss at Calpe (must say I was not bowling in that game!!!!). A terrific performance going from Jacquie Skipping, Dave (myself) 2 and Annie Jones leading. 4 Nil down on the 2nd end, picked up a 4 on the 3rd end and another 4 on the 4th and kept the lead finishing up 24 - 17. On rink 3 were our Lionesses. Lynda Warnes skipping, Yvonne Browne 2 and Linda Richards leading. 4 on the 1st end put them in the lead straight away which they never relinquished apart from the 13th end when Calpe drew level at 10 all. Calpe's enthusiasm was cut short by the girls picking up another 5 shots in the next 3 ends. The 18th end 15 - 13 up but 3 down on the game with Lynda having last wood. A perfect draw shot right onto the Jack secured the game, why were we all worried!!!!! Rink 4 had the Alpha Males, Jeff Richards Skip, Noel Ovenall 2 and Rod Warnes leading. Straight into a commanding lead took them to 11 - 0 on the 4th end. 21 - 6 on the 12th. Coming out 28 - 10 winners. They only lost 5 ends. Great stuff. Dudley Davies and his team of Maria Moroweic 2 and David Laughton lead were segregated on rink 8, but it did not dampen their spirits. Another trio that started how they meant to finish being 5 - 1 up on 4, 17 - 4 on 10, 23 - 7 on 15 and coming out with another 28 - 10 victory. This team only dropped 6 ends in their game. No Captain could ask for more. A terrific result which must be carried forward to our next game against JG Opals. Many thanks.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC Lions away to El Cid Swords 26th November 2018.

It was a windy, bright and crisp morning at El Cid. Once again we experienced the highs and lows of bowls. The low being last week away to the Quartz and the high being our victory of today winning on all rinks and achieving the goal of 10 points. The Challengers once again delivered their 2 points. Brilliant.

All the games were a tight start, but, all you Lions dug in and came out tops, what more can I say but well done, a fantastic result.

The Tigers also achieved maximum points so Monday’s game promises to be a tight top of the table battle, which, I know, we are capable of winning.

Thanks to all those Lions who came in to help out due to illness and

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC Lions v Javea Green Quartz

Thursday saw us away to Javea Green to play our old adversaries the Quartz.

Two up and the Challengers in total control after 7 ends, then disaster stuck as Skip Jacquie on rink on was unable to continue due to severe pain in her right hip. The choice was mine:
a) concede our game
b) concede the Challenger

I chose the later, in retrospect I should have scrubbed our game and left the Challenger trio of Richard and Jinty chamberlain and David Laughton to continue as they were well in control of their game at this time.

Thanks to Annie Jones who did a great job taking over the skipping and to Richard and David for supporting her.

In my absence the Lions won on two but the shot difference went against us. Four points away against the Quartz was not a disaster.

It was a great effort by all, well done.

PS Jacquie had injection in her hip and ordered complete rest!!

Captain Dave Roberts


In my last report I finished by saying that our shot difference needed attention.
‘Boy’ did you Lions deliver in Aces.

18 points + 118 shots in two games, has seen us jump to the top of the League with a four point lead over our fellow Tigers who have a game in hand.

No game reports as the score cards speak for themselves, we are playing like the champions we are and which we need to be in our next three matches before the Christmas break against JG Quartz, El Cid and the Tigers.

A great commitment by you all, and once again, well done.

Captain Dave Roberts

I have been a little remiss in not reporting the last two games. Monday the 28th October we were away to Finca Guila where my Lions delivered as the Champions they are, winning on three and carrying the shot difference against a very competitive Finca Guila side. We finished the day with an 8 – 2 success and the Challengers picked up a well earned two points. Well done all round.

Sunday 4th November, had us at home with our re-scheduled game against Javea Green Opals, winning on two with a shot difference of 75 – 60 gave us a well earned six points. A great two points was picked up by our Challengers, skipped by David Laughton (his first game as Skip) ably supported by lead Jinty Chamberlain and Brian Fenton.

We are still in joint third place in both leagues and well within striking distance of our BBC Tigers who are at present in first place. Shot difference is what is required now, only + four in third place needs attention, which, I am sure we are all capable of.

Well done one and all.

Captain Dave Roberts


Monday saw us playing at home to our fellow cats the Jaguars. The conditions were perfect and it showed in the standard of bowling from both sides. Thankfully for me the Lions played as the title-holders we are and we came out 9 – 1 winners. The downside being the Challenger coming up against a very disciplined Jags trio skipped by John Ranger who took the 2 points. Overall it was a great performance, which, we need to carry on at Finca Guila next Monday.

Well done one and all.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC Lions v Tigers 11 – 10 - 2018

It was an away game today against the Tigers, first in house match of the season. Weather perfect for bowling. Just prior to the game we had a call to say that Rod Warnes was ill so there was a change of team. Get better soon Rod.

Rink 2 we had Richard Chamberlain skipping with David Laughton and Jinty Chamberlain. They were late starters as it was with all the Lions games and it was not until the 6th end that the trio got onto the board. They pulled back steadily going into the 17th end and were 1 in front making the score 14 – 13. The measure went against us on the last end making the score 14 – 15. 9 ends each and some excellent bowling.

Rink 3 had Lynda Warnes as lead with Noel Ovenall two and Jeff Richards as Skip. 6th end 2 – 6 down but the team got their heads down and plugged away. On the 12th end they were 9 – 8 up. They only dropped two ends after that and came out winners 16 – 10. Great Stuff.

Rink 4 Skip Dudley Davies with David Browne and Carol Davies were into a battle from the start. The standard of bowling from our trio was excellent but the combo of Dave Boutell, Clive Langan and Bob Cockle was also excellent and they managed take the ends away from the team.. The final score was 9 – 23.

Rink 6 Linda Richards lead with Yvonne Browne and Jacquie Roberts skipping the Lionesses due to the change of position of Linda. 6 ends they were 7 – 4 up but were pegged back and by the 13th end were 15 – 15 all. The opposition picked up the next 3 ends making the score 15 – 19. The last 2 ends belonged to the Lions holding 3 shots for game and Greg Sperring spoilt the party with his last wood, an excellent shot and it reduced the scoring to 2. A draw. Great game.

Last but not least the Challengers, the first game of the season. Skip Annie Jones, Brian Fenton and Helen Ovenall. What a great game, they started slowly but got into their stride picking up a 4 and a 6 on the way. Ending up 18 – 13, a great result and well played, giving the Lions the first 2 points of the season.

It is early days, well done one and all.

Captain Dave Roberts


As I said in my after dinner address the stewed apples with ice cream diminished the bitter taste of defeat in my mouth. For this I give Aqua Marina (the restaurant) a 10 to join the 10 points we also gave to Calpe this morning.

It was a bright beautiful morning, with just a little breeze and cloud. Shadow from the palm trees did not help. At the half way stage it was any bodies game with Lions being up on 2 rinks and close to tying on the other 2.

Although our teams were still bowling to a high standard Calpe’s bowling was even higher and they drew ahead on all rinks. That is now history and we look forward to facing our Tigers at BBC on Thursday.

Captain Dave Roberts

Lions V Bonalba Steeeds 01-10-2018

This was the Lions first game of the season against the Bonalba Steeds. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed pleased to be back bowling in the league again.

On Rink 1 was Skip Richard Chamberlain with Yvonne Browne and Jinty Chamberlain leading. Half way through the game it was 10 – 9 and continued in an even fashion until the last end the score was 13 - 13. The Lions team were holding and Mary Cummings with her last wood fired driving the jack and woods back, ending up holding one shot on the edge of the ditch marker making it nearly impossible for Richard to draw shot. The final score was 13 – 14.

Rink 4 had Skip Jacquie Roberts, Dave Roberts and Annie Jones. The team played great game throughout, retaining the lead all the way and finishing with a score of 19 - 15.

Rink 5 had Skip Jeff Richards, Noel Ovenall and Linda Richards. This was another excellent game, which saw the team holding the lead all the way. The final score was 19 – 15.

Skip Dudley Davies was on Rink 8 with David Browne and Carol Davies. The team were 9 all on the 10 end but then Bonalba started to pull away, but, the team pulled back and were only down 1 shot on the 16 end making the score 14 – 15. A ditched jack on the 17 end and some superb bowling saw our Lions pick up 6 shots and 2 more on the final end gave them a score of 22 – 15.

This was an excellent start against a very strong Bonalba team who are definitely going to cause a few upsets in the league this year. Very well done Lions a great effort all round which I hope we can carry on throughout the season.

Captain Dave Roberts

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