Lions Reports 17 18

BBC LIONS V JG ONYX – 12th February 2018-02-12

Doug Bacon and his Javea Green Onyx were our guests today, on a cold rain threatened morning, which only materialised on the last few ends. Our spirits were not dampened as we came out of the match with 8 points.

On rink 2 we had the Davies, Dudley skipping Carol leading with David Browne two. Off to a fine start being 8 – 2 on the 7th end. Then only picking up 6 shots in the next 8 against 12 from the opposition saw the teams going into the last end 14 – 14. Sadly for us the last end provided the opposition with one shot closing the game 14 – 15 down. A well played game.

Jeff Richards on rink 3 with Rod Warnes leading and Noel Ovenall. Our trio were off to a flying start being 7 – 2 up on 6. Then a dry spell loosing 5 of the next 6 ends, but that 6th end they picked up a 5, which saw them 12 – 10 up. A further 5 shots gained on the last 6 ends gave us a 16 – 14 win. This could have been different if not for skip Jeff’s penultimate wood, which gently trailed the jack back when the Onyx were holding 6 shots. A brilliant shot – well done team.

Lynda Warnes with the lionesses (Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards) were on rink 6. Things looked bad for our ladies, a dropped 4 on the first end followed by a further 5 shots loss saw them 9 – 3 down on 6. A gritty team performance saw them pick up 9 shots on the next 6 ends, 12 – 10. A pick up of another 4 shots gave the ladies a 16 – 14 finish. Great.

Rink 7 had yours truly stepping into skip as Jacquie was not feeling 100% (trying to recover from a cold), so we swapped places and I skipped with Annie Jones and Jinty Chamberlain. Opposition was one of our ex BBC Players Wendy Symonds, still a formidable opponent. Fortunately Annie and lead Jinty were up to it. 6 ends we were 9 – 3 up and by the 12th end 18 – 8 up. Finishing up 26 – 14 winners. Ends were shared 9 all, some good bowling girls well done.

Our challenger team of Richard Chamberlain, Brian Fenton and Ruth Meadows were on rink 4. Things did not go so well this week, 9 – 13 down on 9 with only 6 shots picked up on the last 9 ends saw the final score of 10 – 23. Watching from the wings I saw some very good bowling but unfortunately the opposition were just that bit stronger. Good try but that is now history.

Last but not least we had our friendly on rink 8. With Rosina Dunham leading, Helen Ovenall 2 and skip (coach) Jacquie Roberts. The first 6 ends saw a score of 5 all but 9 shots won on the next 5 ends saw our ladies go into a 14 – 6 lead which they built on coming out 27 – 10 winners. This was truly a friendly with skip Jacquie giving pointers and coaching to both teams. Including newbie opposition skip Brian Booker who appreciated it and thanked Jacquie at the end of the game.

A good mornings bowling 8 valuable points which we must emulate or better at Finca Guila next week, as Calpe turned over the swords 9 – 1 taking them to 112 points to our 122, unfortunately they have a game in hand. So – we are entering a must win situation which I know we can accomplish. A grand effort one and all, keep it up.

Captain David Roberts


The wheels are back on the track and we are rolling once again at the expense of a competitive side on a surface with residual water from the previous nights rain with a threat of more to come.

Rink 1 had an all female game with the Lions being represented Jacquie Roberts Skipping, Annie Jones and Jinty Chamberlain leading. A slow start by our girls and a pick of a 3 on the 4th end helped them stay in contact and a further 8 ends saw them 21 – 14 winners.

Rink 2 had the Challengers with Ruth Meadows leading, Brian Fenton and Skip Richard Chamberlain. On the 4th end the trio were in the lead and never surrendered it. A couple of 4’s and a 6 increased their lead and they came out 26 – 9 winners. This game had some fine bowling, well done team another 2 points giving us a 4 shot cushion in the lead.

Rink 3 had yours truly skipping a friendly, with Helen Ovenall and Petra Croft. The score belies the game, which was played as titled against an experienced skip Ron Dingle who had 2 newbies who bowled like veterans. My girls delivered when asked and I hope they both gained something from the game a final score of 26 – 12. Well-done ladies.

Rink 5 David Browne with Skip Dudley Davies and wife Carol who was leading. They were up against some canny bowlers Skipped by Derek Randall. From 9 – 1 up on the 5th to 9 – 10 on the 10th. On the 17th end they were 18 all but thankfully our team won the final end making it 19 – 18. Terrific, a well earned 2 points.

Rink 4 had our Lionesses Skip Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards always in command after the 2nd end saw them 13 – 5 up on the 9th end and they finished up 20 – 10 winners. Their faith in the Skip was shown on the 14th end when they were holding 6, and Lynda asked what to do with her last wood and the replay was ‘DON’T BOWL IT’!!!!!!! Would she have changed things? A great win girls.

Rink 8 had Jeff Richard skipping with Novel Ovenall and Rod Warnes Leading. Things could not get better for our men’s rink. They picked up an 8 on the first end saw them 22 – 0 up on the 8th end!!! The opposition picked up 11 shots on the last 11 ends give the final result of 34 – 11. A fantastic result achieved by one and all, many thanks.

Well I asked for a response last week and surely got it in a deserved 10 – 0. Thanks again lets continue with this scenario when we play the Onyx next week.

Captain David Roberts

BBC JAGUARS V BBC LIONS 29th January 2018-01-30

Home and Away, no not a TV programme, (which probably would have given us more pleasure), but us playing the Jaguars this morning. Nice company and great bowling on both sides, but we would have liked the result to be better.

Let us start with the good news. The Challenger on rink 1 had a comprehensive win going into the lead from the start and not loosing it. Winning 12 of the ends and coming out 24 -07 winners. Great win Skip Richard Chamberlain accompanied by Terry Quinten and lead Ruth Meadows.

A similar result was realised on rink 7 where Jeff Richards, Skip, Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes, lead, also shot into the lead on the first end and not loosing the lead through the whole game. A 29 – 7 winning margin gave us 2 points and nearly enough shots to carry the match. Well done lads.

On rink 5 Jacquie Roberts Skipped assisted by yours truly and a first run out by Rosina Dunham. Jacquie once again drew some amazing shots out of the locker to keep us in contention right to the end when we only needed one shot to carry the match but managed to pick up 2, not enough to win our game leaving us shy of two shots 15 – 17.

The Lionesses on rink 4, Lynda Warnes, skip, Yvonne Browne and lead Linda Richards. They started slowly and were 8 – 1 down on the 6th end. A pick of 6 shots helped them get into the lead by the 12th end. 12 – 11. Unfortunately only another 2 shots in the last 6 ends were not enough and they finished the game 14 – 15 down. A great effort girls.

Rink 2 had Brian Fenton skipping with David Browne and Jinty Chamberlain leading. Holding their own for the first 2 ends, then the opposition picked 6 ends on the trot giving themselves a 10- shot lead which our gallant trio could not change. The game finished for the Lions 12 – 21 down.

Hopefully good fortune will again smile on us with the last 5 games, only we can do it, so, lets start next week home against the Sabres.

Captain Dave Roberts

Match Report BBC Lions v Javea Green Opals 25th January 2018

An away visit to the Opals today culminated in the team picking up 6 points and the Challenger 2. It was a misty start, with a very wet and dewy surface the low temperature causing many to feel the cold, which affected their bowling, (that’s my excuse).

Rink 1 had Rod Warnes, Noel Ovenall and Skip Jeff Richards from being 2 down on the first end they then picked up 10 shots over the next 6 ends to stand at 10 – 2. A lead they never relinquished despite the oppositions efforts ending up 21 – 16 winners.

On rink 2 we had a friendly with the Chamberlains, Richard who skipped and Jinty and Petra Croft playing 2. Up to the 8th end a give and take with the Lions 10 – 7 up. On the 12th they picked up a hot shot followed by a 6 which sealed the game, a final score of 38 – 10. Terrific result.

Rink 3 saw Dudley Davies (skip), David Browne and Carol Davies leading. As Dudley said after the game the opposition out-bowled us. It happens, we all know, but not very often to our trio who try as they might could not close the gap. Finishing with the score 5 – 32.

Rink 4 had our Challenger team a new combo this week. Brian Fenton was skipping, Terry Quinton and Ruth Meadows leading. Taking the lead from the start and winning 13 ends guaranteed our trio an unbeatable lead finishing up 25 – 8 winners. A well-earned 2 points, so well done and many thanks.

Rink 5 had yours truly playing (occasionally)!!!! With Annie Jones leading and Jacquie skipping. All we can say is well done Jacquie many times over she saved us time after time and opposition skip Felicity was threatening violence. We only dropped 5 ends finishing up 18 -10 winners.

The Lionesses were on Rink 6, Lynda Warnes Skipping, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards leading. This was another give and take contest each team taking 9 ends. The match result hinged on the two Skips last woods. A final score of 16 – 15 to us was the final result, a good job well done ladies.

Once again well done all you Lions.

Captain Dave Roberts

BBC LIONS V CALPE 18th January 2018

First home game of 2018 up against second placed team, Calpe. We had perfect bowling conditions with bright blue sky and no wind.

Rink 2 we had the Davies, Skip Dudley and lead Carol, assisted by David Browne. Having been 11 – 5 down on the 4th end a pick up of 6 on the 5th put our team into the lead which they never relinquished. The team finished up 18 – 15 winners.

Rink 3 hosted the Lionesses, Skip Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards. A similar pattern emerged here with the girls being 2 – 4 down on the 4th. A pick up of 2 consecutive 4’s put them also into the lead which they held on too ending the game 31 – 11 winners.

Rink 4 had myself, Annie Jones with my wife Jacquie as Skip. We were up against a very competitive team, with the opposition Skip John Coates an ex BBC player. 4 – 6 down n the 5th end. 6 – 13 on the 10th, a fight back saw us tying on the 14th end 13 -13 all. Only picking up 2 shots to their 3 on the last 4 ends saw us losers 15 – 16.

On Rink 5 we had Skip Jeff Richards ably assisted by Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes. From being 3 – 7 down on the 3rd end the team dug in and continued scoring only dropping 4 of the next 14 ends, finishing 24 – 12 winners.

When the games started and I looked across all boards and thought “yikes” but once again our Lions dug in and as has happened in the past I should not have worried. A brilliant effort, well done one and all. Let us all carry this onto the Quartz next week. Thank you all.


Today we were away to Javea Green Quartz, and, in my pre-game address mentioned that the late Dave Sackman would be sat watching this one praying for a Lions defeat. Sorry to say his prayers were answered and we went down
6 – 4, which could oh so easily have been 10 - 0.

As we (Jacquie and Mum-in-Law) are leaving to drive back to the UK on Sunday, early, with lots still to do I will be breaking with tradition and will not itemise each game shot for shot.

Keeping it brief the Lionesses and team Dudley (Max Boyce has left the stadium), suffered unfortunate defeats. Jacquie with Noel Ovenall and Tony Lawley, Jeff Richards with Annie Jones and Jinty Chamberlain won their games giving us 4 hard earned points.

The Challenger team consisting of myself, Richard Chamberlain and David Laughten also picked up 2 well earned points.

The weather conditions were excellent lending itself to some very competitive bowling from both sides. Thanks must go to Maggie and Tony Lawley for stepping in to help out, due to the absence of two regulars.

So we close the first half of the season still at the top in both leagues. Well done all and thank you for all your efforts. Have a good break and lets come out fighting in the New Year. A Happy Christmas to one and all.

Captain David Roberts


BBC Lions v BBC Tigers 4th December 2017

Two games this week for the Lions. The first was on Monday and second on Thursday away to Quartz for the re-scheduled game. We hosted an in-house game against our Tigers and gave them, as Captain Bob Bailey said, “a good mauling”.

Rink 1 had myself with Richard and Jinty Chamberlain playing in the Challenger. It was one of those games you occasionally have when the opposition, try as they might, cannot get a foothold. With steady relaxed bowling we achieved an unassailable lead, on 9th end 20 – 4, culminating in a 39 - 9 win. Well done team a really great result.

Rink 2 we had the Davies, Dudley and Carol with David Browne. 5 – 8 down on 6 and 13 – 9 up on 12. The opposition skip Terry Corner helped his team by picking up a 4 going into the last end, making it 16 all. The Tigers were holding 2 with only skip Dudley left to play. Game was all sewn up for the Tigers when Dudley drew in on the Jack with his last wood. What a finish the crowds were cheering and singing “Hymns and Arias ar hyd y nos “, Welsh flags and dragons were proudly displayed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well not quite but a truly well executed pressure shot which gave us a valuable 2 points.

Rink 3 had Skip Jeff Richards, Annie Jones and Janet Neale back together again. This was a game, which started with give and take on both sides coming out 4 all on 7 ends. The Lions then shot away picking up 14 shots on the next 11 ends. Finishing 18 – 9 winners. Another well earned 2 points, thanks team.

Rink 4 had a friendly with Helen Ovenall leading for her husband Noel who was skipping, assisted by Petra Croft. Put it down to a bad day at the office, as our trio for all their efforts could not haul back the opposition after the 9th end. 3 – 2 up on 5, 5 – 5 all on 9, then a barren patch until the end only picking up a 3 in the last 9 ends coming out 8 – 23 down, a gallant effort.

Rink 5 had the Lionesses, Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards who got back into winning ways. 3 all on 6, then only dropping 3 ends in the last 12. Coming out 21 – 7 winners enough to seal the shot difference for another 2 points. Welcome home girls. Thanks Lynda we will see you in the New Year.

Rink 6 had Skip Jacquie Roberts, Rod Warnes leading and David Laughton having a run out for the first time this season in a scoring rink. They were drawn against a very strong team skipped by Greg Sperring who by the 6th end were 1 – 8 up. Our trio fought back and by the 12th end were 6 – 10 down. Sadly although the heads were tight, Greg’s eye was in with his weighted woods doing continual damage. The game finished 13 – 7 down. The bonus was that they kept the shot difference down guaranteeing the game points.

Well done, Lions a most enjoyable mornings bowling with superb company. Javea Quartz is our last game before the Christmas Break so lets get stuck in and finish with a bang against our old enemies.

Captain David Roberts


This Monday we travelled to the land of El Cid to grapple with their Swords ably skipped by Tony Carrol. We know that any point gained there is a bonus and were pleased to come away with 5 points and 2 for the Challenger.

Our Lionesses, Skip Lynda Warnes with Yvonne Browne and Linda Richardson were drawn on rink 2 against a very strong and competitive (they all were) trio skipped by Clive Short. The 5th end saw our girls trailing 8 – 2 but by the 12th end were 11 – 10 closing on the 15th to 13 – 13. “Come the 17th end we were 16 – 15 down, said Skip Linda, then Linda and Yvonne delivered two lovely woods, each.” They were holding the game only to see Stuart Branch ruin it. 17 – 15 final score. A great effort girls.

Rink 3 had the team of Skip Jacquie Roberts, Noel Ovenall and Rod Warnes. Another very close game with the result of 9 ends each. 5th end tied at 3 all, a give and take game then saw our trio 9 – 8 on the 13th. A 6 shot pick up on the next 3 ends saw the Swords going into the 17th end 15 – 8 up. Although winning the last 2 ends and picking up 4 shots it was not enough. They came our 15 – 12 losers. This was the second of 3 games, which could have changed on the last 3 ends.

Skip Jeff Richards with Annie Jones and Jinty Chamberlain on Rink 4. Our team were straight out of the blocks and by the 5th end they were 0 – 8 up. The game continued with a give and take. They went into the 17th end 11 – 15 up. In one of those quirks of the game where you preach that all short woods are wasted and any thing through the house is a bonus – the opposite happened. The team were holding the game and shots when Tony Carrol drove a wood into the head and hit the Jack, this rebounded off a wood and travelled back down the green where the Swords had 4 short woods – these came into play leaving our team devastated with final score of 15 – 15.

Rink 5 had Skip Dudley Davies with David Browne and Carol Davies. This was a game of 2 halves (thankfully), if you are against Yvonne Bridon you are in a battle. From 4 – 0 on the 2nd end it was a give and take up until the 9th end when our team were 10 – 9 down. The Lions then went into overdrive taking the next 7 ends and picking up a 6 along the way going into the 17th end 10 – 26 up. Swords took the last end with 2 shots our team coming out 12 – 26 winners. This gave us Lions the needed overall shot difference. Well done you trio a valuable 4 points earned from your efforts.

I Skipped the Challenger with David Laughton and Richard Chamberlain. Dropping a 3 on the 1st end up against a trio skipped by Jimmy Thomas. They were all fairly new bowlers but they really knew their green which led to a very competitive and enjoyable mornings bowling. 4 – 7 up on 6, 10 – 10 all on 12, we finished up 14 – 16 winners.

Captain David Roberts


This Monday we entertained Captain Alex Clunes and his players from Finca Guila. Conditions were superb if you were kite flying, with a strong wind and sunshine.

The Challenger Rink led by your scribe was on Rink 3 with David Laughton leading and Richard Chamberlain playing 2. Took a 2 and a 3 on the first 2 ends and then never eased off the pedal finishing 25 -10 winners. This gave us another valuable 2 points keeping us top of the league. Well done. Lads.

From my position on rink 3 I could see the rest of the Lions and for the first 5 ends things looked grim across the board. Did I panic – mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Rink 4 with Skip Jeff Richards, Annie Jones and Jinty Chamberlain were 2 – 3 down. A pick up of a 6 put our trio into the lead which they never relinquished coming out 24 – 12 winners. A cracking result.

Rink 6 had my Jacquie Skipping with Rod Warnes and Noel Ovenall. They were 2 – 4 down. Fighting back closed on the 12th at 7 – 9 down. Then a consecutive win of 4 ends picked up 8 shots, this put our Lions in the lead which they grimly clung onto winning by 1 shot with a final score of 14 – 13. Another well earned 2 points.

Dudley Davies on Rink 7, with David Browne and Carol Davies were 5 – 5. Winning the next 5 ends bought them to 15 – 5. A fight back from Finca Guila could not sustained and our trio finished 25 – 15 up. Another good shot difference along with Jeff’s sealed the game. Excellent.

This left Rink 8 where the Lionesses, Skip Lynda Warnes with Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards were 4 – 7 down. They were against a very strong rink skipped by Norman Vickers. The girls fought hard and although both teams took 8 ends the girls could not take the lead and finished 2 shots down 17 – 19.

A well earned 8 points won by a gritty performance. Many thanks to you all, let us keep the momentum going at Javea Green next Thursday when we are up against our big rivals the Quartz.

Captain David Roberts


The onyx report from scribe Yvonne Carvath about their last week’s game finished with a mention of the forthcoming visit of those pesky BBC Lions. I am afraid to report that we were not peskier enough, suffering a loss of 6 – 4.

Rink 1 had Skip Jeff Richards in charge supported by Annie Jones and Jinty Chamberlain. 5 all on 3, 10 all on 8, and 13 all on 11 show this was a ding-dong battle. Closing at 15 – 18 down on the 16th but a 2 and a 4 on the last 2 ends saw our team coming out at 21 – 18 winners. A well deserved 2 points.

Rink 2 had the challenger game, yours truly with David Laughton leading, his first outing of the season, and Richard Chamberlain 2. Some good team bowling in a relaxed atmosphere saw us win 13 of the 18 Ends, picking up a 6, 5 and a couple of 4s to come out 35 – 7 winners This was a welcome 2 points (it must be admitted that the Skip had a brilliant and fantastic game – this is what I was told to type - Jacquie).

Rink 4 hosted the friendly with Skip Eric and wife Patty Johnson and Helen Ovenall leading. This was a game our Lions were chasing from the start. The score belied the game as we took 8 of the ends picking up 5 2’s along the way; alas the final outcome was 13 – 24. Much appreciation must go to Eric and Patty who are always so willing to participate in the friendlies and pass on their experience to new bowlers.

Rink 5 had our Lionesses, Lynda Warnes skipping with Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards, who also chased their game. 3 - 5 down on 6, 5 – 13 on 12, a fight back by our Ladies of 6 shots on the last 6 ends was not enough and they finished up 11 – 14 down.

Rink 6 had Rod Warnes leading with Noel Ovenall and skip Jacquie Roberts.
This was a seesaw of a game; the first 8 ends were shared although on the 9th end they were 4 – 10 down. Then a pick up of a 3, 4 and 4 brought them back 5 shots in front on the 12th end making it 15 – 10. Unfortunately this was a bogey number and they remained there for the next 6 ends. Finished up 15 – 24.

Rink 7 consisted of Skip Dudley wife Carol Davies and David Browne. A strong opposition lead by Norman Richardson gave our trio a run for their money. They were 7 – 3 up on 7 but were pulled back to 7 all on the 11. Give and take on the next 5 ends saw them going into the 16th end 10 – 11 down. On the 17th end the team picked up a 7, brilliant. This enabled them to relax a little on the last end when they picked up a final 1 shot giving them the game. A great 18 – 11 victory.

Things were tense towards the end, Jacquie being the last team still playing, one end to go. Shot wise Lions 50 and the Onyx 43, inadvertently wires got crossed and a message was misconstrued as we had not included the standing score of the still playing rink where they were 4 shots down at 15 – 19. Don’t panic was the message we are okay and the team took a hit of 5 knowing that we had won but in fact we had lost by 2. I am back to school on maths and communications. My wife will not forgive me. Big apologies.

A Match Report Extract from Scribe Yvonne Carvath of Javea Green Onyx –.

The friendly team of Heather, Christine and yours truly brought home the bacon with a 24 – 13 shot win. The team we played against of Eric, Patty and Helen were an absolute delight and we all thoroughly enjoyed our time on the green.

A note to all Lions let us give our opponents a mauling when possible, but, remember, green etiquette and manners play a part and give lasting impressions.

Captain David Roberts


Today we visited El Cid to play against their Sabres, Captained by Stuart Beattie. Perfect bowling conditions contributed to a entertaining and successful mornings bowling.

Rink 1 had Annie Jones leading, Skip Trevor Neale supported by wife Janet. A very strong and rink wise opposition lead by Paul Leader took control from the first end picking up a 5 and then a 4. Our trio came back into it on the 6th end picking up a 3 and a 4 closing 10 – 12 on the 8th end. But alas from then on try as they might the Sabres stayed ahead finishing 17 – 24 winners. Must be mentioned that Skip Trevor was not fully fit but bowled 100%.

Rink 2 Dudley Davies Skipping wife Carol leading and supported by David Browne. The Sabres were straight out of the blocks on this one and it was not until the 8th end that our Lions took control. They did not relinquish the lead and came out 23 – 9 winners. As in all games this had some terrific bowling.

Rinks 3 had our Challenger team Skipped by Richard Chamberlain and supported by his wife, Jinty and Petra Croft. Chasing this from the start our trio put up a brave performance but for all their efforts they finished 9 – 23 down.

Completely opposite were our Lionesses, they dominated the game and on the 12th end 12 – 4 up. A fight back by the Sabres brought them within 4 shots. On the 16th end a game changer, the Sabres were holding 5 when skip Lynda Warnes trailed the jack back to pick up four, much to the delight, and relief of Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards. They completed the game 16 – 11 winners.

Rink 5 had our friendly with Skip Eric, wife Pattie Johnson, supported by Helen Ovenall. The first 6 ends were a ding-dong affair and our team went into the 10th end 10 – 9 up. Sadly the tables turned and despite some good bowling our trio were stuck on a score of 11 for the next 7 ends. The game result after such a great effort was 11 – 27.

Rink 6 consisted of Skip Jacquie Roberts, lead Rod Warnes and ‘newby’ Noel Ovenall. They were up against an experienced team Skipped by Pat Metcalfe. Our team were 5 – 1 up on the 5th end and from then on stayed in front through some terrific team bowling. Skip Jacquie when called upon to deliver some weighted woods pulled it off each time. The team never lost the lead and finished 19 – 10 winners.

This was a well earned 8 points from a very competitive team. Terrific spirit. Lets keep this momentum going and carry it on to next week when we are away to Javea Green Onyx.

Captain David Roberts


BBC LIONS V BBC JAGUARS 23rd October 2017-10-19

The Cats were at play today with the visiting Jaguars, captained by Tim Woodcock. They were out to give us Lions a good mauling. Alas for them the Lions do not like being usurped as the paramount cats team.

No. 1 the show Rink was hosted by Skip Trevor Neale and wife Janet with Jinty Chamberlain leading. From being 2 – 3 down on end 3, they then had a 5 + 6 pick up to give them a 13 – 5 lead. The Tigers fought back closing to 18 – 16 on the 15th end. But 3 singles on the last 3 ends secured a valuable 2 points.

Rink 2 had the Challenger game with Maria Morawiec skipping, Richard Chamberlain at 2 and a welcome to Noel Ovenall who justified his selection with a steady morning bowling as lead. The Jaguars shot away leaving the Lions trailing 2 – 7 on the 4th end. Steady bowling took place, they drew level 10 all on the 11th end and stayed ahead to win 22 – 12. Well done.

Rink 4 had Jacquie Roberts Skipping with Feli Croft and Rod Warnes leading. This was another game with our Lions chasing. Catching up to 6 all on the 7th end and10 all on the 13th. 7 shots followed on the last 5 ends enabling our Lions to come out 17 – 11 winners. This was another terrific result against a strong team.

Rink 5 had our Lionesses, Skip Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Petra Croft being tasked to lead. A pick up of 7 shots on the 6th end when they were 5 – 2 up saw them gain a lead which they held on to throughout the game, culminating to a 24 – 15 win. It sounds easy, but there was some terrific bowling on both sides.

Rink 7 had our friendly where we welcomed new bowler Helen Ovenall who was assisting our willing couple, Pattie Johnson and husband Eric who was Skipping the rink. Their strength and experience proved too much for the opposition and they went into a lead being 7 – 1 on the 5th end and stayed in the lead throughout the game ending with a score of 20 – 9. Great result.

Rink 8 witnessed a terrific come back from our Lions, Carol Davies leading, David Browne and Skip Dudley Davies. If the Jaguars were going to take some points it looked like this game. The Lions were trailing 3 – 10 on the 6th end,
10 – 16 on the 12th. The Lions then won the next 4 ends and a 3 on the 17th tied the match. What a final end, try as she might Jaguars Skip Viv Erridge could
not get the shot even though she ran the Jack back it still landed on a Lions wood (Carol’s). A great fight back with great bowling.

Well done Lions and commiserations go to the Jaguars. 10 points, fantastic. Lets carry this momentum to Monday’s game at El Cid.

Thank you, all Dave Roberts


The bowling green which had a residue of water from the previous nights downpour greeted our guests Joe Schuletin and his JG Opals this morning. The sun came out, slowly drying the surface allowing for some great bowling.

On Rink 1 we had Annie Jones Leading, Janet Neale and Skip Jeff Richards. This was a game our Lions were chasing from the start. They were 10 nil down on 7 ends. A pick up of 8 shots made it 10 – 11 on the 11th end, but the Opals picked up 10 more shots on the remaining 7 ends to finalise score at 17 – 21.

Rink 2 was for the Challenger Skipped by Richard Chamberlain with his wife Jinty and Petra Croft. 6 – 1 on the 3rd end saw them remain on 6 for the next 6 ends. The score was then 6 – 9 for the Opals. The Lions then fought back and picked up a 5 sadly only to drop 5 on the next end. The final outcome was 14 – 28 after some aggressive bowling from the Opals.

Rink 4 had Rod Warnes, Feli Croft and Skip Jacquie Roberts. Off the starting block with a pick of 5 in the first end, which, culminated in a score of 20 – 1 on the 7th end. More steady bowling saw them only drop 3 more shots on the next 11 ends, finishing up with a 34 – 4 score which gave us enough points to carry the game. Well done.

Rink 5 had the Lionesses on, Linda Richards, Yvonne Browne and Skip Lynda Warnes. What a battle they had, with terrific bowling on both sides. They dropped a 1 on the first end, picked 1 up on the second end and managed then to stay ahead until the 17th end when they were 11 – 12 down. A nail biting 18th end saw them pick up a 2 without Skip Lynda having to bowl her last wood. The final saw them 13 – 12, what a game.

Dudley Davies with wife Carol and David Browne were on Rink 6. This was another nail biter. The Opals crept away and on the 8th end our Lions were 4 - 9 down. Then it was give and take from both sides finishing on the 16th end with 15 – 15. What a finale, terrific bowling again gave them 2 shots on the 17th and 1 shot on the 18th ending up winning 18 – 15.

Far away on Rink 8 were our friendly team. Ably skipped by Terry Quinton and supported by Ruth Meadows and a welcome to Noel Ovenall a new bowler to the Lions. Things did not go as planned and on the 12th end they were 5 – 13 down. A pick of a 1 and two 3’s brought the team back in on the 15th end to 12 – 13 down. Alas they could not sustain the charge and finished up 12 – 18. This was a really good effort.

Well done to all you Lions a really good team effort today with the changes that had to be made. Let us keep the momentum going to our game on Monday against our competitive Jaguars.

Captain Dave Roberts


Our Lions game this week, a trip down to Calpe where we were greeted by Vice Captain Glenda Rowe and her team.

Rink 1 we were represented by Jinty Chamberlain, Rod Warnes and Skip Jacquie Roberts. From being 3 – 7 up on 7 ends then tying on the 13th to 12 all, this could have gone either way. An unfortunate drop of 5 on the 15th end gave impetus to the opposition who came out the 22 – 14 winners.

Rink 2 had Linda Richards, Richard Chamberlain and Skip Lynda Warnes. This was a game that we were chasing from the start, being 15 – 3 down on the 9th end. Alas an 11 shot pick up over the next 9 ends was not sufficient to win the game. The final score was a loss to the Lions of 14 - 20

Rink had the Davies, Carol and Skip Dudley who was ably assisted by David Browne. From dropping a 2 on the first end they never looked back, 6 - 3 up on the 6th end and 9 – 5 up on the 12th. Finishing up 15 – 11 winners. They were up against a team skipped by John Coates, a previous BBC Winter Leaguer; this was a hard fought game and gave the Lions a well-deserved win, with some excellent bowling on both sides.

Hidden away on Rink 4 in the shade (lucky devils as it was blazing hot) were Skip Trevor Neale, Janet Neale and Annie Jones. 6 -5 down on 6, then some terrific bowling saw them lose only 2 more ends. Picking up 20 shots to come out 25 – 7 winners. This gave us enough shots to carry the game and awarded us the two extra points.

Well done all of you it was an enjoyable experience to watch you all today and definitely not like watching paint dry. A big thank you must go to Jeff Richards for standing by; as his wife Linda was concerned about a back problem, fortunately for her all was well.

Thank you Calpe for your hospitality. It is always nice to see so many old friends. Our thoughts and prayers go to Stan Walmsley and family. Stan is in hospital and is seriously ill.

Captain David Roberts


We welcomed today Captain Barry Watson and his team from Bonalba, the players have no fear from our green as they regularly support our club in many Open competitions, for which we thank them, may they continue for many a year.

Rink 1 Trevor and Janet Neale with Annie Jones made a terrific come back after being 6 down after 6 ends. They picked up a 3 then a 4 and kept that lead to the end. They finished the game 18 - 14 winners.

On rink 2 a welcome back to last years successful Captain Richard Chamberlain. Petra Croft and Eric Johnson, who skipped, all the team had a great game. From 1 shot down on the 4th end picked up the pace but faltered on the 11th end making the score 11 – 12. As the competitive lions that they are they finished strongly with a winning score 20 – 14.

Rink 4 with Skip Dudley Davies, David Browne and Carol Davies picked up a 5 on the 5th end saw them take the lead which they never surrendered collecting a 6 through some excellent bowling, finishing 34 – 9 winners.

Rink 5 had myself skipping and wife Jacquie, with Rod Warnes leading. Tying on the 5th end then picking up a 3 giving us a cushion, which we kept to the end finishing up 23 – 11 winners. Both my lead and two had excellent games.

Rink 6 had the Challenger game. Terry Quinton skipped with Ruth Meadows and Jinty Chamberlain leading. This was a very close game, low scoring up to the 15th end when the score was 10 all. Good things come in 3’s. 3 threes on the last 3 ends saw them come out deserving winners 19 – 10.

Our Lionesses were on rink 7. Linda Richards, Yvonne Browne and Skip Lynda Warnes. A very close game, the girls were chasing from the start. On the 10th end they were 8 – 9 down. On the 11th they picked up a 5 giving them a lead, which they did not relinquish. They picked up another 5 finishing 22 – 16 winners.
Shots for the Lions 95 – 50 = 10 points
Challengers 19 – 10 = 2 points

Well done all you lions, a great result.

Captain David Roberts

The first game of the 2017/18 was against the Tigers. The weather was excellent, as was the company and bowling. What more could you wish for (10 points?).

Rink 1. Had myself, my good lady Jacquie and Rod Warnes. The opposition were 6 up on the second end, 12 – 3 on the 5th. A pick up of 8 shots on the 6th end changed the flow of the game bringing us into contention. We took the lead on the 10th and stayed in front winning the game 23 – 16.

Rink 2. Had our Lionesses of Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards. This game like all the rest had some excellent bowling on both sides. 4th end the girls were 7 – 0, but the Tigers fought back 13 – 9 on the 12th . The girls kept their composure and won the game with a score of 19 – 11.

Rink 3. Trevor Neale, Janet Neale, and Annie Jones got away to a good start 4 – 0 on the 3rd end. On the 6th end they were 4 – 7 down this of course caused them to chase the game, which, on the 15th end was 11 – 15. The Tigers with Maureen How skipping finished the game 12 – 22.

Rink 4. Dudley Davies, Carole Davies and David Browne got away to a slow start on the 6th end were 4 – 7 down. On the 12th end the team were 8 – 11 down, but, on the 14th end they managed to pick up a 5 and finished winning the game 18 – 16.

Challenger Team. Eric Johnson, Pattie Johnson and Ruth Meadows. Dominated the game from the start, achieving a great win 24 – 8.
A tribute to the high standard of bowling at the BBC was reflected in three of the teams sharing nine ends each. A well earned 8 points for the Lions. Well done Lions a very good start to the season,.

David Roberts Captain.


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