Lions Reports 17 18

The first game of the 2017/18 was against the Tigers. The weather was excellent, as was the company and bowling. What more could you wish for (10 points?).

Rink 1. Had myself, my good lady Jacquie and Rod Warnes. The opposition were 6 up on the second end, 12 – 3 on the 5th. A pick up of 8 shots on the 6th end changed the flow of the game bringing us into contention. We took the lead on the 10th and stayed in front winning the game 23 – 16.

Rink 2. Had our Lionesses of Lynda Warnes, Yvonne Browne and Linda Richards. This game like all the rest had some excellent bowling on both sides. 4th end the girls were 7 – 0, but the Tigers fought back 13 – 9 on the 12th . The girls kept their composure and won the game with a score of 19 – 11.

Rink 3. Trevor Neale, Janet Neale, and Annie Jones got away to a good start 4 – 0 on the 3rd end. On the 6th end they were 4 – 7 down this of course caused them to chase the game, which, on the 15th end was 11 – 15. The Tigers with Maureen How skipping finished the game 12 – 22.

Rink 4. Dudley Davies, Carole Davies and David Browne got away to a slow start on the 6th end were 4 – 7 down. On the 12th end the team were 8 – 11 down, but, on the 14th end they managed to pick up a 5 and finished winning the game 18 – 16.

Challenger Team. Eric Johnson, Pattie Johnson and Ruth Meadows. Dominated the game from the start, achieving a great win 24 – 8.
A tribute to the high standard of bowling at the BBC was reflected in three of the teams sharing nine ends each. A well earned 8 points for the Lions. Well done Lions a very good start to the season,.

David Roberts Captain.


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