Last Bowler Standing





A great morning was had by 48 bowlers at the BBC in the “Last Bowler Standing” competition, sponsored by Europa Network, where all woods out of the rink are deemed lost, and the wood that is furthest from the jack is also lost. The last Bowler standing (with one or more woods left out of the three) on each of the eight rinks went through to the final where they played the game with different rules – only one wood each and the two furthest from the jack, together with any outside of the rink were lost.

The eight in the final were Lynda Warnes, Maggie Lawley, Colin Turner, Rod Warnes, Ruth Meadows, Reg Cutts, Brian Doggett & Bert McLean.

Our photograph shows President Brian Doggett, Sharon from Europa and Lynda Warnes

Reg delivered a 26 metre Jack and bowled his wood right on it, Brian found the ditch and was out, Ruth, whilst small in stature packs a punch, and also found the ditch. Colin went 4 feet behind the jack and Lynda drew alongside Reg as did Maggie, with Bert going a fraction wide and looking out of it, Rod needed to be inside of Colin’s wood to stay in, but went past and four were out in the first round.

Colin put the jack up and found himself 4 foot wide and jack level, Lynda came just underneath him and was 15 inches from the jack, Maggie had a great line but pulled up five feet short, it was now down to Reg but he also pulled up just short and both of them were out.

Lynda put the jack up only to find she was wide and short by a good five feet for Colin to only draw within that space but pulled it narrow and it came under the jack and away for Lynda to win the competition and the excellent prize of a “Set Top Box” from Europa Network.


From left to right, Maggie Lawley, Bert McLean, Sharon, Brian Doggett, Ruth Meadows, Colin Turner, Rod Warnes and Reg Cutts

The competition was very well organised by Tony Lawley with many asking for more of the same in the coming months.

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