Ladies Pairs 08-09

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Semi Final



J McLaughlin &
J Mould
J Kay & M Cockell
J Kay &
M Cockell
P Griffiths &
C H/Field …v…
H Kay &
D Donaldson
P Griffiths &
C H/Field
Jan Kay &
Mary Cockell
V Wood &
M Lawley…v…
C Evans &
C Meare
V Wood &
M Lawley
Vee Wood & Maggie Lawley
L Dunne & V Humble …v…
M Morawiec & D Connolly
H Baxter &
L Doyle …v
M Morawiec &
D Connolly
M Morawiec & D
Vee Wood &
Maggie Lawley
L Warnes &
F Croft …v…
M How &
W Symonds
L Warnes &
F Croft …v…
L Stothard &
L Richards
L.Warnes &
F Croft
Lynda Warnes & Feli Croft
S Payne &
D Hart …v…
C Nicholas &
H Duke
C Nicholas
& H Duke
Lynda Warnes
& Feli Croft
R Langham &
Chamberlain …v…
I Posket &
C Mawson
I Posket &
C Mawson
Lynda Warnes &
Feli Croft
S Manser &
Y Briden …v…
V Erridge &
S Corner
S Manser &
Y Briden
Sheila Manser &
Yvonne Briden
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