Kings Cup

Kings Cup Northern Area Final BBC v San Miguel

Winning the toss for the BBC selected to take the mat. Alex Fisher playing in the Men´s singles got off to a lively start and led all the way to win 21-10. In the ladies singles Mary Cockell put a hard fight but eventually lost 13-21.


A different story in the fours where Skip Clive English, Danny McLaughlin, Peter Collins and Bob Cockell were five up after two ends, fought off a great come back by San Miguel to lead 12-9 after eleven ends finally finishing up winners 25-9.

The BBC pairs team of Maggie Lawley and Carole Meare took on the all male team from San Miguel, a tight match saw San Miguel run out winners 15-19. The trips team of Yvonne Briden, Chris Evans and Mike Smith played a strong San Miguel team but with the scores 4-5 after six ends the BBC dropped a six on the seventh and never really got back into a hard fought game to loose 13-22, and so at the end of the match, San Miguel had won the trips, the pairs and the ladies singles – 6 points. The BBC had won the mens singles and the fours, and the overall score 87-81, 6 points.

The rules of a tie breaker is a one end play off by the rinks teams, with no practice ends, which saw two extremely nervous teams bowl 16 woods, and when the dust cleared a magnificent shot to the jack by Clive English was good enough to win the game and the match to win the Cup.

The cup was presented to the BBC by John Muldoon on behalf of the Bowls Federation, and a tired but happy BBC team rode off onto the A7 with the spoils.

Still to play is the all Spanish Final between the BBC and the winning Southern Region team for the honour of winning the all Spain Copa del Rey.

Match report by Mike Smith.



Following the team´s success this season today was a most disappointing experience.

BBC had already won the league prior to todays match, however Javea were determined to win the game and ensure second place in the league over Finca Guila.

The weather was hot but with a lively breeze to cool the teams. In the ladies singles Jo Morris proved too strong for Wendy Symond, Jo winning 21-18 after 23 ends.

The mens singles also went to 23 ends Alex Fisher loosing 17-21 to the determined Javea captain Brian Manser.

In the pairs Maggie Lawley and Carol Meare ran out 23-9 winners to gain BBC´s only points of the day.

The BBC trips team of Danny Mclaughlin, Mike Smith and Malcolm Sprawson were soundly beaten by the Javea team skipped by Sherri Fletcher 12-32, and the fours team of Yvonne Briden, Wayne Holmes, Linda Smith and Jean McLaughlin lost 16-24, match result therefore 10 pts to 2 pts in Javea´s favour.

All in all a disappointing day at the office for the BBC Kings Cup team, we will now play the winner of the southern league at the end of August ffor the right to hold the Kings Cup for 2011/12.

Match report by Mike Smith.



BBC v Finca Guila

The weather was kinder today at BBC, with lower temperatures and and a slight 78breeze BBC needed to win to remain top of the league.

Finca Guila had a stronger team out today, so with that in mind and Wayne Holmes having to drop out at the last minute, plus Maggie Lawley still resting her foot, Peter Collins was calledon at 0830 to fill in.

Wendy Symonds smarting from consecutive defeats,was never going to loose today, and was four up after two ends, 15-7 up after 14 ends and played strongly throughout to gain victory on the twenty first end with a 21- 10 win.

Alex Fisher in the mens singles was down 0-8 after three ends pulled back to 14-15 after 14 ends, but a determined Eddie Breslyn picked up three on the 18th and a single on the nineteenth to win 16-21.

Peter Collins and Carol Meare playing on Peter´s private number one rink played consistently together picking up a seven and two fours to run out victors at 33-12.

On rink seven the trips team of Danny McLaughlin, Mike Smith and Mary Cockell met their match today with Finca Guila skip Tony James playing out of his skin, to take his team to a 15-17 victory despite the BBC team picking up five on the twelfth end.

Next door on rink eight the fours of Yvonne Briden, Bob Cockell, Derek Mawson and Jean McLaughlin played consistently well to win on 12 ends, and achieve a fine 27-8 victory.

Another fine win for the team over difficult opponents, by 6pts to 4pts that plus a shot differencs of 112-68 making the total 8-4 in BBC´s favour.

Only one match to go, away to Javea 0930 for 1000 on the 11/07/11 yes it´s a Monday, come along and cheer on the team.

Match report by Mike Smith.



Today we made the journey south to play Bonalba, the game was scheduled to start at 10.30, the car thermometer was reading 30ºC on arrival.

Wayne Holmes was playing the mens singles today and was raring to go. leading 7-0 after 3 ends but a fight back by Tony Finan brought the scores level at 7-7 after six ends. Wayne´s turn to apply the pressure now and he moved to 17-7 after ten ends, Tony played hard but Wayne had his measure and ran out a worthy winner 21-12.

This was never going to be an easy match to win and Wendy Symonds playing Ethel Finan in the ladies singles bravely fought out a close match with the Bonalba player winning 21-18 after 26 ends.

With the temperature rising to 35ºC the fours team of Viv Erridge, Bob Cockell, Malcolm Sprawson and Jean McLaughlin once again met tough opponents, but after a game of end to end scoring and despite dropping a five on the fifteenth end, won the last three ends to claim a 19-12 victory.

The pairs game on rink six saw Yvonne Briden moving from rinks to pairs with Carol Meare, in place of the injured Maggie Lawley, our BBC ladies battled hard against the experienced Diane and Joe Ridley only to loose out on the final end by 23-20.

On rink four the trips team of Danny McLaughlin, Mike Smith and Mary Cockell were never behind in a hard battle which BBC won 19-11 to secure the 3-2 victory and a superior shot difference 97-79, giving BBC another fine away win of 8 pts to 4 pts, this result means we retain our poition at the top of the league, with 60 points from six games.

The next match is at home to Finca Guila on Thursday 30/06/11 start time 09.30 for 10.00, why not come along and cheer on the team?

Report by Mike Smith


Today we travelled to Finca Guila, the early morning sun was shining, and when the teams arrived,the temperature was already in the high 20`s.

In the Ladies singles Wendy Symonds shot out of the blocks with seven points after three ends, but, the experienced Dee Lane battled hard and after 24 ends the scores were level at 20 all, but on the 25th end Dee took a single to take victory by one shot

The Mens singles again saw Alex Fisher bowling for the BBC, Alex took the first 4 ends to lead 5-0, and was in control throughout to take the match 21-9.

In the rinks the BBC team of Viv Erridge, Bob Cockell, Malcolm Sprawson and Jean McLaughlin lost the first 3 ends to trail 4-0 but a 6 on the fifth end put them in front. it was a closely fought match with Finca Guila taking a 5 on th 18th but BBC held on to win 18-15.

The pairs match again saw Maggie Lawley and Carol Meare in action for the BBC, Finca Guila took the first end with one shot, but our pair replied with a 3 and a seven on the next two to go 10-1 up, Maggie and Carol were in control upto the 13th end leading 20-5, Finca Guila then took 10 shots on the next 4 ends but a single on 18th gave BBC two points and a 21-15 victory

On rink two Danny McLaughlin, Mike Smith and Mary Cockell took on an experienced all male team. The BBC trio, quickly found the pace and green to lead 14-2 after 9 ends, then a fight back by Finca Guila brought the score to 14-7, but BBC remained resolute to win by 23-9.

Match result 8-2 to BBC plus a shot difference of 103 - 69,giving BBC a victory by 10 points to two.

BBC have two matches next week, away to Bon Alba on the 28th, and home to Finca Guila on the 30th. Why not come along on the 30th and cheer the team on and see some fine bowling?

Report by Mike Smith

Kings Cup Report 16/06/11

BBC were today at home to El Cid, A lovely day again for bowling, El Cid arrived determined to avenge last weeks defeat at home by 10-2 in favour of the temperature rose, the teams were introduced and the match began at 1030.

Wendy Symonds was into top gear straight away with 3 shots. on the first end and was winning 13-0 by the sixth, eventually running out a comfortable winner at 21-1 in eleven ends.

In the mens singles with Ian Brown smarting from last weeks defeat by Wayne Holmes, soon saw Alex Fisher down 4-0 after three ends, from then on it was nip and tuck with Alex picking up to lead 12-6 after nine ends, Ian pulling back 15-15 at fifteen ends, Ian eventually ran out the victor at 21-16.

In the rinks Yvonne Briden´s team of Bob Cockell, Carol Nicholas and Christine Mawson fought a tough match to win 13-12 this was on rink one and with some excellent lead bowling by Christine this match held the spectators enthralled throughout.

Meanwhile on rink three Wayne Holmes, Malcolm Sprawson and Sheila Manser in the trips, had their hands full with a tough El Cid team led by club Captain David Bluff determined to avenge last weeks defeat, a hard fought match ended with El Cid winning 19-15.

Over on rink eight where Maggie Lawley and Carol Meare were determined to repeat last weeks victory, the score was 5-5 on the fifth end, and EL Cid picked up a 5 on the sixth, Maggie and Carol replied with 4s on the seventh and eighth to lead 13-10, a three by El Cid on the ninth leveled the game at 13-13,it was then nip and tuck until the thirteenth,when a four from the BBC ladies took them into a 19-14 lead,then it was end to end until a three on the eighteenth gave Maggie and Carol a 23-18 victory.

Match result 6-4 to BBC plus a shot difference of 88-71 giving BBC a victory of 8 pts - 4pts, we retain our position at the top of the league, next match is 22/06/11 at Finca Guilla they are currently in second place, an exciting game is in prospect.

Kings Cup v El Cid

The match was played commencing at 2.00 pm, due to fixture congestion,and rain was forcast for the afternoon. Rinks were drawn and the captains David Bluff and Mike Smith introduced the teams.

The BBC team had been reshuffled because of late availability, which meant Wayne Holmes stepping into the mens singles, against Ian Brown the El Cid champion for the last two years, but Wayne was soon into his stride leading 9-1 after six ends, it was then cut and thrust with both players winning seven ends each, Wayne ended the victor of a tight game 21-11

In the pairs Carol Meare stepped in to replace Wayne at the eleventh hour, and with Maggie Lawley won a tightly fought contest, both teams winning nine ends each, final score 17-16 to the BBC.

Danny McLaughlin, Viv Erridge, Linda Smith and Mary Cockell had an easier game in the fours (although NO games are easy at El Cid), Linda Smith played her first game in the Kings Cup and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the victory 24-9 in favour of BBC. In the trips Yvonne Briden, Mike Smith and Jean McLaughlin battled hard but the El Cid team lead by captain David Bluff were more than a handful and El Cid ran out winners 26 - 18.

However a totally different match was unfolding in the ladies singles,with Wendy Symonds running out the eventual winner 21-20, after being 11-20 down after 20 ends. Some brave woods from Wendy proved too much for the opposition in the final few ends.

Thanks to all the bowlers on both sides, making it a tough but enjoyable match for weather watchers, apart from a couple of showers the rain held off.

Final Score BBC won101 points to 82 winning 4 of the 5 games , and with 2 points for shot difference the score was 10 -2 to BBC


11th May 2011

Bonalba arrived to a bright sunny morning in good time for the match. After an exchange of welcome the game got under way at 10.20.

Wendy Symonds in the ladies singles against Rita Gorsuch made a storming start, and was 11-0 up by the 4th end, and 16–1 by the 7th end. Peter Collins in the men’s singles against Doug Brown was not far behind at 7-2 after 4 ends and 14–3 after 9 ends. Both Wendy and Peter went on to win 21 – 1 and 21 – 9 respectively.

The pair’s team for the BBC were Chris Evans and Mary Cockell, against Dennis and Chris Wright. The early stages made for a tight game, but eventually, the BBC team pulled away and were leading by 19–7 after 11 ends. Chris and Mary produced a conclusive win of 24 – 11.

The Triples team comprising Wayne Holmes, Malcolm Sprawson and lead Jean McLaughlin, had a slow start, especially as Joe Ridley, skip for Bonalba, frequently ‘spoiled’ the head for the BBC team. The match was hard fought throughout by both teams, however, by the 7th end the BBC triples team managed to score four shots which gave them the momentum to slowly forge ahead to win
by 23–12.

The rinks team had a difficult time settling against a strong Bonalba team. After end 5, both teams were all square with 4 shots each, however, Clive English (skip) Danny McLaughlin, Bob Cockell and Carol Meare (lead) eventually began to pull away. The team in their mutual support noted two special events in Danny McLaughlin’s game when they were timed at 12.15 and 13.05 respectively. Apparently he managed to get shot! Finally, the BBC rinks team won by 24 shots to 12.

Benitachell managed an impressive 100% win gaining another 12 points in the competition. The standard of play was very high from both clubs, and coupled with the general good humour made for a very enjoyable morning.

Thanks go to Sam and her catering team; also, to the umpire Tony Hesketh-Field, and the markers Derek Mawson and Clive Langan.

Report by Tony Hesketh-Field


20th April 2011

The opening match of the new season saw Javea green visiting BBC on a beautiful sunny morning perfect for good bowling.

Alex Fisher v Derek Eldon was one to watch with Derek winning the BBC open only three days earlier, however Alex was in no mood to be beaten and after taking an early lead went on to win 21 to 10.

The ladies singles was closely fought with Wendy Symonds running out a 21 to 15 winner over Joan Moss, with Joan holding 15 to14 after 20 ends.

The pairs were closely fought with Chris Evans and Maggie Lawley running out 20 to 16 winners over Javea captain Brian Manser and Harry Chick.

Wayne Holmes, Peter Collins and Mary Cockell won victory over a strong Javea trips team following a late come back by Javea 22 to 13.

In the fours a strong Javea team were no match for Clive English ,Danny Mclaughlin, Tony Hesketh - Field and Carol Meare in a 33 to 8 victory for the home team. BBC collecting a resounding 10 to 0 victory.

In all a resounding victory, but we are all looking forward to the return match at Javea Green on Monday the 25/04/11 which we are sure will find Javea in a mood for revenge.


Mike Smith Kings Cup Captain

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