The 26th May was the Jubilee Cup, this competition is played yearly against Javea Green with an away game and home game being played on the same day.

Tim Woodcock Captained the side for BBC at Javea Green, the team of 5 rinks and 2 triples did a magnificent job coming out with enough points – 6 – 8 - to bolster the Vice Captain Jacquie Roberts and the home team who managed to take 10 points to Javea Green’s 6 points.

It should be noted that there were quite a number of new bowlers in the teams and they should be congratulated for their great efforts, especially when bowling on a strange green.

What a great mornings bowling. As always very competitive, each side wanting to take the trophy. This year BBC were the Champions taking the Competition 16 points to 14.

An enjoyable meal with good company followed, and concluded with a raffle and speeches. Javea Green Captain Alan Phillips congratulated BBC on their success but pointed out that they would fight to get the trophy back next year.

Thanks must go to all the bowlers who put their names down and to all the bowlers who stepped in a the last minute to help out. Well done BBC.


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