Jubilee Challenge Cup 2014

On the longest day of the year BBC and Javea did battle once again and the sun shone on the lucky residents of Marina Alta. As last year, it was a combined home and away game played. On 6 rinks at each location.

At Inn on the Green the games were very close on four rinks and at the halfway point Javea were 14 shots ahead. Now it was time for the famous BBC bounce back and this included one of our teams scoring 13 in three ends. That was lead by Maggie Lawley and they managed a draw; well done.

Everyone was doing their best and the result went down to the last game to finish , where we went down 5 and so lost overall by one shot at Javea. We'll done our 2 teams that won and 2 that managed draws. Peter Griffiths & Clive Langan won while Maggie & David Browne drew.

Back at BBC four of our teams were doing well, but two were up against very strong opposition and could not be blamed for loosing. Our 3 winning teams, lead by Bob Cockell, Colin Forrester & Derek Mawson won well but the overall result was minus 24. This made -25 overall.

The friendly atmosphere and the splendid after game drinks, lunch and entertainment made it all worthwhile. Thanks to all the players and everyone that helped to make it a good day. It's up to us to win next year.



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