Jaguars Match Report


12th March

A challenging fixture for Jaguars as we struggle towards the end of the season.

This was the last game of the season for Javea Green Quartz who I believe have finished third in the league, we put up a good fight but unfortunately only came away with 2 points to 8.

Viv Erridge, Derek Mawson and Issy Morris were our only point scorers but Len Petty´s team were so unlucky when holding three woods on the last end which would have given them the game, went down 4 shots from the last wood by Ken Davey, their final score was 17 -19 to Quartz.

The overall match difference 61 -81. Last match for Jaguars next monday against Calpe

Lynn Stothard

27th February

Jaguars won two of the main team games against El Cid Sabres gaining 4 points. Jack Chamberlain, June Mould and Colin Turner won comfortably with a final score of 23 - 9 and Len and Veronica Petty with Denis Mould took 3 shots on the last end to win by 1 point. However unfortunately this was not enough to take the 2 points for overall shot difference which went to Sabres with the score standing at 61 - 69 against. We won one friendly and lost the other by only 2 shots after a great come- back from 1-13 at nine ends.--

20th February

This has been a difficult week, Jaguars had been playing El Cid last Thursday morning and had just finished lunch when Danny collapsed, his death has shocked us all. We wish to send our condolences and love to Jean.

I knew I was short of players due to several players returning to England to visit family for the half term holidays, not returning until later this week, what I was not expecting was that half my remaining squad would go down sick. Jaguars were not able to field any friendlies, however I would like to thank all those who played for their support many of whom were certainly not well but did their best. I wish all those not well a speedy recovery.

The results today were 1 point to BBC and 9 points to Finca Guila with the total scores 48 to 71. I thank Jack Chamberlain June Mould and Colin Turner for their usual tenacious performance to hold on for a draw at 15-15 and acquire us our only point. However Carole Nicholas Doreen Walton and Dennis Mould also deserve a mention for their great effort, losing by just two points

9th February 2012

Jaguars were a bit unlucky today coming away from the match with only the two points gained by Viv Errdge and Derek and Christine Mawson who won 18 to 10.

A slow start on rink one by Chris Barnsby Carole Nicholas and Marilyn Chamberlain, 4 -13 on the 9th end turned into a real tussle with the score at 12 -13 against on the 16th end. Despite the opposition scoring three on the next end the final score read 16 to 18.

Len Petty with Alastair Hepburn and Gary Woods also had a very tight game all the way through just missing out loosing just two points in the final two ends giving Onyx a victory at 14-12. The overall shot difference was 57 - 63 in favour of Onyx, a tighter game than the points indicate.

The friendlies scores were even tighter with one win one loss and one draw for both sides with an overall score of 47 points each.


23 Jan 2012
Two winning teams for Jaguars, Veronica Petty, Iris Gardiner, Issy Morris and Jack Chamberlain, June Mould and Colin Turner gave us 4 needed points.

The remaining two points for overall shot difference hung in the balance untill the last end of the last game. Viv Erridge and team despite losing their game gave us a nail biting finish by wiinning their last end by 5 shots with a bowl in hand. This ended the match with a total score for Jaguars of 80 compared to 78 for Opals giving Jaguars two more very welcome points.

Jaguars won comfortably all of the four friendly games played today, so this with the sun shining and all the games played in good spirit by both sides made for a very enjoyable days bowling.

Lynn Stothard

16 Jan 2012

Away to El Cid Swords

Unfortunately despite putting up a good fight we could not quite score any points, overall score 49 -81. Len Petty with Alastair Hepburn and Dennis Mould won 7 of the last 9 ends but were still unable to pull off a win, final score 17- 21. Chris Barnsby with Lynn Stothard and Issy Morris after going down 4 when the opposition put the jack in the ditch on the 14th end were just unable to claw back the difference needed with a final score of 13-17. Despite the outcome the match was played in good spirit and despite the forecast the weather was kind. Next week we will be at home to Javea Green Opals so hope to do better.

Lynn Stothard


December 9th

Javea Quartz were in fine form and gave us a sound beating with an overall 97 shots to Jaguars´ 32, this score allowed them to claim the full 10 points. Len Petty, Alastair Hepburn and Dennis Mould gave our best performance but unfortunately not good enough to win the game, a very good try, bad luck! This was an away match and all I can say is that we all hope to do better when we face them in the New Year at Benitachell.

A disappointed

Lynn Stothard and Team

December 5th

The first of our return matches, and I am delighted to report a success for Jaguars.

After a shaky start the scores by the end of the 9th end were pretty level, with Viv Erridge and Derek and Christine Mawson catching up from being 11 down on the 3rd end.

Gradually the teams of Iris Gardiner, Veronica Petty and Issy Morris and of Jack Chamberlain, June Mould and Colin Turner pulled away to win 19-14 and 24-17 resp.

Len Petty and team however, kept us on the tip of our seats until the last end when they secured just a one point lead over Hazel Duke, Denise Hart and Jean McLaughlin to win 14-13.

Viv Erridge and co couldn´t quite hang on to win agains the partnership of Maureen How, Sheila Manser and Mike Parry who pushed them hard, bad luck !!

The overall shot score was Jaguars 74 - Tigers 69 which gave Jaguars the extra 2 points, making the final score 8 points for Jaguars and 2 points for Tigers. `

I thank Tigers for a good spirited game and all the Jag players who played in the friendlies, there were 4 teams this week and Jaguars won three out of the four.
Lets see if we can keep it up !!

Lynn Stothard

1st December

Well! I reckon Jaguars did pretty well today, we took 7 points to Calpe's 3. Jaguars started well leading the way on three rinks, however in the final few rounds Calpe started to pull back leaving Jaguars to put in a fighting finish.

The trailing Jaguars team pulled up to lose by just 4points, Viv Erridge led her team to a 3 point victory and Len Petty with Alistair Hepburn and Dennis Mould pulled away to a 10 point lead allowing us to claim the overall point’s victory. Jack Chamberlain's team played a very good game and were disappointed to have to settle with a draw.

The final was score BBC Jaguars 71 Calpe 62, there were two friendlies played, both won by Jaguar, a good result I think !


A good win today, Jaguars won on three rinks and managed to secure the 2 extra points for overall score with a nail biting finish giving us a difference of just 2.
63 to 61. Our next match is not until the 28th of this month but we look forward to it in good spirits. The friendlies produced one win and one loss but I believe enjoyed by all.


A better result for Jaguars today. we gained 6 points from three wins plus the overall shot difference of 8 in our favour giving us the extra 2 points.

Although Scimitars is probably regarded as El Cid ´s third team, scoring the eight points has given Jaguars a bit of a boost which I hope will spur us on when we meet Finca Guila next week

Jaguars continue the struggle to find form. Len Petty with Alistair Hepburn and Dennis Mould were our winning team with Viv Erridge, Derek and Christine Mawson giving us a nail biting last end by scoring two points to give themselves a draw.

Despite the continuing shortage of points, the days play was enjoyed and the weather was reasonably kind to us. We look forward to our next match away at El Cid on the 2nd of November.

Despite some large shot differences on individual rinks the final score was very close. Viv Erridge, skip to Derek and Christine Mawson managed to hold on to their lead on a nail biting last end but could not add quite enough to the overall shot difference which was lost by just 2. Carole Nicholas and team were the other Jaguar winners with a healthy shot difference of 14. Keep it up Carole!!

It has been a tough start for Jaguars which is reflected in the results so far. I have little to report on the actual matches except to say that although the wins have
been thin on the ground they have been played in good spirit and I am sure our success rate will improve.

This year we have a number of keen new Jaguar members, so in the coming few weeks I hope to be forming teams that gel well together. This takes time as I want everyone to have a chance but at the same time need to start winning some matches so morale will not suffer.

I want the whole Jaguar Team to know the members who support and play for me in the friendlies are just as important as those in the main team. I am sure, as the season progresses it will the depth of good players in a team that will succeed so I
want everyone to realise their worth.

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