Founders Day 2011


This year’s Founders’ Day competition was run, of necessity, under a different format. Our regular Sponsor was unable to assist this year, and a commercial replacement could not be found at such short notice. Not to be deterred, a couple who are members of the club (and wish to remain anonymous) offered to sponsor all the prizes for the competition.

As a gesture towards the original format of the Founders’ Day competition personal invitations were issued to players, from local clubs, who had shown their support to other competitions at this club and had helped to raise additional teams and to make up numbers when required. We were pleased to welcome Harry Chick (Javea Green BC), Derek Shaw (El Cid BC) and Pat Vaughan (Finca Guila BC) who played as our guests through the two days of the competition.


The competition would not be possible but for the hard work and dedication of the Match Secretary, David Humble, ably assisted by Len Petty, who worked tirelessly in the cabin to keep the competition on track. We would also like to thank John Hendrick, Derek and Christine Mawson for turning up early to put out the mats, jacks and scoreboards – Christine, in particular, runs a very tidy rink!

Over the two days the quality of bowling and the camaraderie were second to none. If the excitement and laughter on the rink were a measure of the enjoyment everyone was having, the competition could be judged to be a great success.

It was good to see so many club members turn up to watch the competition and to support the players.

A junior champion in the making!
Bert McLean with son Callum

Sam and her team provided us with great food and the tapas at the presentation ceremony were excellent. The girls worked very hard and, as usual, came up with wonderful food which sustained us over the two days.

Thanks to all who participated in the Brain Teaser which was run over the duration of the competition and was eventually won by Mike Croft, Linda Richards and Kenn Denton. We had 10 teams who got all 40 answers correct and Jan Bicheno was invited to draw the winner.

Thanks also go to Fred Crowson and his team of Ruth Meadows, Jak Logan,and Liz Henningham for the superb raffle.

At the end of two days, and a long 60 ends of bowls, the winners were announced and our congratulations go to

Winners Colin Forester, Derek Mawson and Bert McLean - ((F1 - 11 points, 32 short difference)
2nd Jeff Richards, Clive Langan and Peter Speer - (B4 - 11 points, 12 shot difference)
3rd Mike Croft, Linda Richards and Kenn Denton - (C2 - 10 points, 0 short difference)
4th John Wright, Liz Henningham and Jack Chamberlain - (E2 - 9 points, 6 shot difference)


Our photograph show the winners recieving their prizes from President Mike Smith (second from the right)

Each of the winners received a new-style bowls shirt embroidered with the competition, their name plus a bottle of cava. The Runners-up received a bowls towel embroidered with the name of the competition and again a bottle of cava; the 3rd and 4th places received a large box of chocolates and a bottle of cava for each player.

Two competitors won the Lucky Programme – Christine Mawson won a Hessian Carrier with 6 bottles of wine and Pat Vaughan won a Hessian Carrier with 3 bottles of wine.

And finally, Bert’s wife and son Callum came for the presentation ceremony – Callum resplendent in his T-shirt with a Benitachell Bowls Club logo – look out for a junior champion in the making! VH

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