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I would like to open a discuusion about the above club competitions. I suggest that the use of shot difference is removed and that the competition should be on points only. With an eight end play off in the event of a tie. I feel that this will encourage new teams and bowlers to enter and follow the competitive road. It must be disheartening for new competition players to struggle on with large scores against themselves, solely because teams have to collect shot differences.

Hi Tony

I have been advised that your question regarding entering championships etc online via the club website will be discussed at the next meetings of the Board and the Bowls Committee.


Congratulations on the website Reg. BBC enters the 21st Century - scary !!

Question for Match & Comp. Secretary - any chance of being able to enter competitions, club
championships etc online via the website in the future ?

Tony Lawley

Competition Entries by Tony LawleyTony Lawley, 19 Aug 2008 19:06

Thanks are due to Reg and his band of enthusiasts for setting up a Club Web Page.
Lots of useful information, not least of which are Tournament/League results being updated very quickly.

Congratulations by morrisgmorrisg, 18 Aug 2008 16:58
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