Coaching Report - Iain Donaldson

7th July 2009

Beginners Course


Our picture shows two beginners, Sue and Steve Smith, who successfully completeted their beginners course on Sundy 5th July. They are being presented with their certificates by the Club Captain Bob Cockell.

26th June 2009

Small group Coaching Courses

Iain has been running a coaching course called Peak Performance Profile, and consists of four aspects, Technical; Tactical; Physical and Psychological. The course lasts for four sessions’s and highlights areas for each player to improve their skills; both Maggie Lawley and Mary Cockell have taken part in the first session and will return again in September to note progress.

Iain has also been assisting John and Velia Wood with adjustment of delivery techniques for adjustment of weight, and increasing tactical awareness.

Beginners Course

September 18th
Iain reports that two beginners, Jacquie Logan and Robert McLean, successfully completed their beginners course on Thursday 17th September. The two coaches Dennis Mould and Derek Fielding (the only qualified Spanish Provincial Coach in Spain) presented them with their certificates.

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