1) Affiliation fees be increased to 50€ per club to be paid on 1st September

Proposed by the CBBA Committee - Seconded Bonalba PASSED
For 23: Against 3: Abstain ??

2) Provincial Matches - club owners accept 50€ per day for the use of the green.
The balance of the green fees is paid to the CBBA to cover costs.
Proposed by the CBBA Committee - Seconded Treasurer PASSED
For 19: Ag 5: Abs 3:

3) To be in line with the Federation Espanola de Bolos ruling on the status of
La Manga and Mazarron Bowls Clubs, that as they are both outside the
Costa Blanca region, they be excluded from the CBBA.
Proposed by La Marina - Seconded San Miguel VOID

4) That SABA Monday morning leagues be played on a Tuesday morning.
Proposed by Greenlands - not seconded WITHDRAWN

5) In the Northern League home matches each team play their games on the same day each week (if possible)
ie Team A play Monday, Team B play on alternate Mondays, Team C play alternate Wednesdays with Winter league.
Proposed by El Cid - Seconded Javea Green DEFEATED
For 4: Ag 20: Abs 2:

6) To amend item (10) of the Constitution - CBBA Committee
Voting will be undertaken by the Club Delegate. At any such meeting the Chairperson shall have the casting vote in the event of a tied decision on any matter not related to that position.
To amend item (8) of the Constitution - Officers
Officers are not eligible to vote as they are serving in an administrative capacity
Proposed by Benitachell - Seconded San Miguel/Lemon Tree DEFEATED
For 10: Ag 15: Abs 4:

7) To amend item (9) of the Constitution - Extraordinary General Meetings
A minimum period of two weeks should elapse before an EGM can be convened. ( paragraph 9c will therefore be deleted)
Proposed by Benitachell - Seconded Bonalba PASSED
For 20: Ag 4: Abs 5:

8) That all clubs adhere to the correct dress code with particular attention to coloured shirts.
Proposed by Emerald Isle WITHDRAWN

9) That the Winter League continue with North playing South
Proposed by Emerald Isle, Benitachell - Seconded Finca Guila PASSED
For 17: Ag 1: Abs 10

10) That if a Club does not enter a team in the Winter League they can only enter 2 teams in the other leagues, ie 2 in Northern, 2 in Southern, 2 in SABA
Proposed by Emerald Isle - Seconded Quesada DEFEATED
For 9: Ag13: Abs 6:

11) That the 7 day rule, governing Winter, Northern & Southern Leagues, be abolished.
Proposed by Emerald Isle, La Siesta - Seconded Bonalba DEFEATED
For 4: Ag14: Abs 8:

12) That there be no Berleen League
Proposed by Emerald Isle WITHDRAWN

13) That clubs can enter 2 teams of 4 counting rinks in the Winter League IF items (11) and (12) are adopted.
Proposed by Emerald Isle WITHDRAWN

14) That clubs be restricted to a maximum of 3 teams in the Northern, Southern and SABA Leagues.
Proposed by Emerald Isle - Seconded Monte Mar PASSED
For 17: Ag 7: Abs 6:

15) Each Club may enter a maximum of 2 sides in the Winter League
Proposed by Finca Guila - Seconded Greenlands PASSED
For 14: Ag 6: Abs 9:

16) No change is made to the format of the Winter League & Berleen League
Proposed by Benitachell VOID

17) No change is made to the 7 day rule
Proposed by Benitachell (refer item 11) PASSED

18) Continue with ' social' lunches
Proposed by Benitachell Status quo to prevail – Captains liaise as usual.

19) Should the 7 day rule be abolished then -
a) the Winter League is supported upward ie Northern/Southern league are allowed to play Winter League.
b) The amount of players allowed to play across the league is limited to 3/4 only at any one time.
Proposed by Javea Green VOID

20) The Winter League continues as before
Proposed by Javea Green VOID

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