Carnival Night

CARNIVAL NIGHT – Friday, 19 February 2010

The Carnival Night at the Club went with a real swing. Following a lovely meal provided by Ged, Paula and staff, members and guests were entertained with music from Paulette who gave the event a real party atmosphere and kept the dance floor full for the entire evening.

There was an array of wonderful masks and feathers but a special mention must go to those who made the effort to dress up. We had some really fantastic costumes including a table of Italian nobility, a pirate, a clown and Carmen Miranda. Wendy Hiskey deserves an entire section devoted to her as she disappeared periodically only to reappear with another wig and a complete change of costume. Where she was keeping all her outfits defies explanation but she must have left home in a furniture van!!

Thanks to Liz who made the table decorations (probably quite a few of the costumes too!) and helped to decorate the Club in the morning. Thanks also to all the ladies who helped to take the decorations down on Saturday afternoon.

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