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Captain’s Christmas Address

Dear Members,

At the risk of stating the obvious, my tenure thus far has been one of constant change, the most recent being only a couple of week ago with the resignations of a member of the Board, a member of the Bowls Committee and the Bowls Director, a member of both. All three were supportive of me and I learned a great deal from each of them. I would like to thank you.

The Board and the Bowls Committee have joined forces and together we will form a cohesive team to lead BBC. A wealth of knowledge has been lost and those remaining are learning quickly. To help in this Jeff Richards has agreed to take over as Bowls Director. We are still actively trying to recruit a Match Secretary, if you are interested please let me know.

As Bowls Captain I have some thank yous to make, to others in the team:

Tony Lawley

Thank you for your input into the Bowls Committee, for a very long time. The sharing of your knowledge with me and your assistance in protocol, etiquette and laws has been invaluable. You saved me from quite a few faux pas!

Good luck with your move. I will miss both you and Maggie.

Jeff Richards - Bowls Director

Thank you for taking on this role. I look forward to working with you and welcome you to the Bowls Committee.

Bert Maclean

Thank you Bert for stepping in when we needed you, your help was greatly appreciated. I wish you and Gail everything you wish for yourselves in 2019.

Ernie Pope - Webman

Ernie you are a star! The web page is a mine of information, well organised, easy to access and an asset to all Club Members. I know how much you enjoy tweaking and improving it. Your enjoyment is to the Clubs advantage.

Ernie Pope - Comp Secretary

All dates in the diary for years to come, every game and visit scheduled and changed, if and when necessary. A first class job.

Richard Chamberlain - Vice Captain

You stepped up to the plate when I needed you and your help. To have you as my support is very reassuring.


As we form revised Bowls Committee, we will liaise with the Board, and form a joint team, working together to take the Club forward. If you have any suggestions or problems please bring them to the Bowls Committee or the Board either personally or in writing.

We have lost several valued bowlers and dear friends in the last year, all of whom will leave a hole in our memories. We send good wishes to their families at Christmas.

It just leaves me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I hope for a less challenging 2019.

Sheila Fairbairn




Some Important Links

Bowling on the Costa Blanca is controlled by two bodies, namely:

Levante Lawn Bowls (LLB),


Costa Blanca Umpires and Markers Association (CBUMA),

Each has their own website with lots of useful information, have a look at the links above.


"Etiquette on the Green" and "Dress Code"

The CBUMA have an Etiquette on the Green web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page


the LLB have a DRESS CODE web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page.

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