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Dear Members

I hope you have all enjoyed you Summer, whatever you have been up to.

I am sure that by now you are all aware that Tim and Steve have left the Club and will move to Cornwall as soon as Tim is able to travel, following his hip operation. We wish them both well.

You know what they say about “the best laid plans of mice and men”, well I realised recently that applies to women too. There was I, being appointed Vice Captain in May, thinking I could take a couple of years to learn the nitty gritty of Captaincy, and here I am, a few months on, in post as Captain. I am going to be an inexperienced Captain for a while. I have had so many offers of help and support for which I am extremely grateful. However, I will make mistakes, and I would ask you to bear with me and be patient. What I lack in experience I will make up for with enthusiasm.

2018/19 Season.

In addition to Ernie being Competition Secretary, Bert McLean has agreed to take on the vacancy of Match Secretary. Several other members have agreed to take on responsibility for the running and organisation of individual competitions which is an enormous help. Thank you.

We have a full season of matches and social events, which are all detailed on the web site. It is also our intention to re-introduce The Buzzer, as it is appreciated that not everyone can negotiate there way around a computer. I will produce the initial Buzzer and I am looking for some kind soul to pick it up after that. Anyone volunteers? PLEASE!!!

The Iberian. The Iberian at Javea Green starts this week and promises to be the usual close competition with our neighbours.

Tri-Cats Fun Day. We have the Tri-Cats Event on Saturday, 22nd September. This is an ideal occasion for the Club to get together, be silly and have fun, something you know I am good at!

Rose Bowl/Walton Trophies. This is a one day event this year. The Ladies will be bowling at BBC and the Gentlemen at Javea Green. The team selection sheets are now up in the Cabin. Richard and Jinty Chamberlain have organised the event and will be Captains on the day.

Touring Sides. We have two touring sides in October, the 4th and the 12th. The sheets are up in the cabin for you to put your name forward.

Club Championships. The closing date for entries is 16th September. Please put your name down if you’ve not already done so.

Laws and Etiquette Course. Robin Baxter will be holding an Etiquette Course in the Club House at 2:00 on 25th September. I attended a previous course arranged by Robin and was amazed how little I knew, or had known and forgotten. He make the subject both interesting and informative, I learned a lot.

As I said at the start, interesting times! I look forward to being your Captain.

Sheila Fairbairn


10th September 2018


Some Important Links

Bowling on the Costa Blanca is controlled by two bodies, namely:

Levante Lawn Bowls (LLB),


Costa Blanca Umpires and Markers Association (CBUMA),

Each has their own website with lots of useful information, have a look at the links above.


"Etiquette on the Green" and "Dress Code"

The CBUMA have an Etiquette on the Green web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page


the LLB have a DRESS CODE web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page.

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