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Message from Tim

Welcome to the new “Captains Page”

Firstly I am delighted to have been elected as BBC Club Captain, and look forward to what I hope will be a very successful year for the BBC.

I am pleased that Richard Gardiner has agreed to be the Winter League Captain and I am in no doubt that with the commitment of the whole squad they will build on last year’s great performance.

Our Northern League teams Captained by Dave Roberts (Lions) Bob Cockell (Tigers), and Lynn Stothard (Jaguars) will all go out fighting in their usual manner, with the Lions trying to secure a 10th winning season.

Good Luck Everyone.

Since I have been Captain, I have been asking members what “their personal” opinion of the club is at the moment. Without doubt, members are very proud of the BBC, but there is a general feeling that standards of “Etiquette” and Dress Code could be improved (see links below).

Bad habits can be formed during Club Days, which if overlooked reflect badly on the BBC.

I will be introducing “Captain´s Hot Spots” whereby by as a club, we focus weekly on specific areas of etiquette to be improved.

If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding bowling issues please feel free to contact me.


Thanks everyone


19 June 2018


Some Important Links

Bowling on the Costa Blanca is controlled by two bodies, namely:

Levante Lawn Bowls (LLB),


Costa Blanca Umpires and Markers Association (CBUMA),

Each has their own website with lots of useful information, have a look at the links above.


"Etiquette on the Green" and "Dress Code"

Following on from Tim´s message above, the CBUMA have an Etiquette on the Green web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page


the LLB have a DRESS CODE web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page.

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