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Captains Address

Dear Members

I am now two months in to my Captaincy, the first couple of weeks were not too bad, as I didn’t know what I didn’t know, now I´m aware of how little I know it’s a bit scary, the learning curve its steep but I’m enjoying the challenge. The Bowls Committee have nursed me through this time and I am extremely grateful.

The help and advice I´ve had in my journey, has meant my progress has been smoother than it would otherwise have been. That having been said, I´m requesting more help.

We need more volunteers to “man” the Cabin. The members we have at the moment are very willing and flexible, but we are soon going to be guilty of “flogging the willing horse”. It is not a difficult job and our existing volunteers will be happy to explain the system and act as “buddies” until a comfortable level of confidence is reached. Give it a try. Your bowls club needs you!!

To push my luck, I am also asking for someone to edit the Buzzer. I have undertaken the task for a while, but time constraints make it necessary for me to hand it on. The job entails editing and putting your own slant on information you are given. The format is already set up and it will be easy to follow to produce future copies. We are looking to produce the Buzzer Bi-monthly, so not an onerous task.

Pushing even further, I would dearly love someone to take the Minutes at the Bowls Committee Meeting. I had my first meeting last month as Captain and found it extremely difficult to concentrate on the meeting content at the same time as taking and producing the Minutes. This is one meeting a month, is anyone willing to help?

To really aid my “help” process, Richard Chamberlain has agreed (been press-ganged) into being my Vice Captain. Thanks Richard, it so good to know I have you there as my right hand man. Also in addition to Ernie Pope being Competition Secretary and Bert Maclean Match Secretary, several members have volunteered to taking responsibility for different competitions. They are:

Vives Pons Captain - Ernie Pope
Premier 20 Captain - Trefor Evans, Vice - Jeff Richards
Fed 4s Captain - Clive Langan
VCL Captain - Jeff Richards, Vice - Trefor Evans
Touring Sides Captains - Jinty and Richard Chamberlain
Saturday 4`s Captain - Ernie Pope

Recent Competitions

I do appreciate that a list of “thank you’s” is boring, and I don’t intend to do this in every Captain’s Address, because it would become a bit like the Oscars, but I am so impressed by how hard people have worked, and by how well things have gone during our “transition period”, that I feel those concerned should know how much I appreciate it,

BBC Masters

A lot of work, on this occasion by people too numerous to mention, went into organising this event. It ran smoothly and was a huge success. You all know who you are, thank you.

Tri Cats

All the Cats teams entered into the spirit of the day, with silliness reigning for much of the time. Good idea Madam President, it was a lot of fun. Those of you who helped organise your teams, supervised events and decorated tables, well done.

Rose Bowl and Walton Trophy

Richard and Jinty were responsible for the organisation and running of these two events. The Rose Bowl being played at Benitachell and the Walton Trophy at Javea Green. It was a well organised day and as always with our neighbours Javea Green, a close fought competition. Our Ladies came home with the Rose Bowl, our gentlemen came a close second to winning the Walton Trophy.

Founders Day

A day of nostalgia to mark the Club`s 30th Anniversary with videos of members past and present (albeit quite a few years younger then!)
Again, the organisation was first class and the help given by so many was willing and unstinted.

In Conclusion

Our Cats Teams have made a good start to the season with a lot of new teams being formed.
The Winter League also has lost a few of its long term members and is trying out newer recruits.
Good luck to you all.

Sheila Fairbairn



Some Important Links

Bowling on the Costa Blanca is controlled by two bodies, namely:

Levante Lawn Bowls (LLB),


Costa Blanca Umpires and Markers Association (CBUMA),

Each has their own website with lots of useful information, have a look at the links above.


"Etiquette on the Green" and "Dress Code"

The CBUMA have an Etiquette on the Green web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page


the LLB have a DRESS CODE web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page.

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