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Captain’s Address

The purpose of this particular Captain’s address is to ask for your help. 

All of the Bowls Committee give many hours of time to Bowls business.  I can understand that statement will bring forth the comment “well you volunteered for the job” and to a degree I understand that, but there is a lot of work involved to keep the club running smoothly. We are organising in-house and external competitions, organising and publishing the Club diary, organising and publishing the roster for Club day Stewards, liaising with other clubs in Spain, overseas touring teams and different bowling organisations to name but a few.  We have been a man down for some time now only 4 members of the Bowls Committee dividing the workload of 5 between us. 

When I became Captain many of you said that if I needed help I had only to ask and a few gave, which has been a godsend. I am now asking the rest of you.  If you can run a match, either internal or external, singly or as a pair, or just offer to help or or give us (me) the benefit of your experience it would be appreciated. I know that many of you have “been there, done that, and got the T-shirt” and don’t want a position on the Committee, but a helping hand occasionally would help enormously. We have in excess of 200 members, how many of you are willing to give a hand. 

I see in the Cabin that, at the moment, there is no-one willing to stand at Competition Secretary, Match Secretary, or Vice Captain, and it is my understanding that the 3 people currently in post are not standing for re-election.  Would you please give some consideration to standing for these posts, either singly or as a job share.  The Bowls Committee will not be able to function with only 2 people in post. 

In conclusion; 

Please come forward, stand for a place on the Bowls Club Committee, or give us the benefit of your muscle, experience or run a one off competition. 

If you are willing to stand for office you can add your name to the nomination sheet in the Cabin.   I’ll put up a sheet in the Cabin for those who are willing to offer help with anything else.  Alternatively you can speak to any of the Bowls Committee directly. 

Many thanks

Sheila Fairbairn 




Some Important Links

Bowling on the Costa Blanca is controlled by two bodies, namely:

Levante Lawn Bowls (LLB),


Costa Blanca Umpires and Markers Association (CBUMA),

Each has their own website with lots of useful information, have a look at the links above.


"Etiquette on the Green" and "Dress Code"

The CBUMA have an Etiquette on the Green web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page


the LLB have a DRESS CODE web page on their website, click HERE to see that web page.

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