Well I am sat here still recovering. “Shell shocked” I think they call it, but I think I am getting ahead of myself.

The playoffs today at Finca Guila between the BBC Lions (Northern League Champions) v Greenlands Oaks the Saba winners provided some excellent bowling. On rink 6, a difficult green at the best of times we had: Mike Croft, Tony Lawley & Feli Croft against Dave O’Sullivan, Ian Kenyon & Colin Jackson. 3 - 7 down on 6: 7 - 13 on 12: finishing 10 – 16 down. A tight game with ends shared 9 all. No disgrace in that.

Rink 5: had Dave Roberts Jacquie Roberts & Cynthia Cutts against Bill Pain, Fred Wilshire & Gale Watson. “Note: the drive is essentially a rescue shot often your last line of defence when the head is set against you and there is nothing that you can realistically hope to achieve when playing any other shot”. 3 – 10 down on 6: 8 – 18 on 12: finishing 13 – 23 down: excellent bowling from my girls. Five ends were “killed” by the opposition every time we were holding multiple shots. Maggie Lawley on seeing the draw warned me that he (Bill) used running woods. She omitted to mention Fred.
O yes!! They were good and achieved brilliant results.

Rink 4: with Jeff Richards, Reg Cutts & Rod Warnes against Derek Toozer Lyan Greenland & Eve Blythe. Another cracking game, 9 ends each but from 5 – 7 down on 6 to 15 – 13 up on 12: finishing up 19 – 17 winners. Brilliant.

Rink 3: This rink had my (girls). Lynda Warnes, Linda Richards & Carole McNeilley versus Bill Young, Tom Hill & Shiela Stead. A brilliant performance from them saw them 3 – 7 down on 6: then 15 – 7 up on 12: coming out 24 – 8 winners. This game had our ladies holding 6 shots on the last end, enough to carry the game. Unfortunately a (promoted) last wood from Bill Young reduced it by 3.

Rink 2: David Meare, David Browne & Carol Meare, against Barry Latham, Colin Lloyd & Jeanie Clements. Another very close game. David Meare bowling with a swollen middle finger managed to pull off come excellent shots as did his other two. 2 – 7 down on 6: 10 – 10 on 12: finishing 16 – 20 down. A very competitive game played against a class side.

No disgrace in loosing and an excellent bowls presentation for our travelling supporters. Thank you Fred Simpson for the use of your facilities. Tony James for organising the match and the meal. Thanks go also to Jerry for umpiring. 84 for the Oaks 82 for the Lions

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