BENITACHELL BOWLS CLUB administers the Competition.

  1. The Controlling Body comprises the Club Captain, Bowls Director, the Competitions Secretary, the Club Vice Captain, the Assistant Competitions Secretary, Match Secretary, Assistant Match Secretary and the Duty Umpire. An Emergency Committee will consist of any two members of the Controlling Body and any decision of either committee in each and every circumstance shall be final and binding.
  2. All games shall be played under the Laws of the Game currently in force in Spain, subject to any variations hereunder.
  3. Start times for all games 4-30 for 5pm (this time may vary as the nights get lighter)
  4. Rinks on which play is to take place will be drawn for at 4-45pm on each day throughout the competition. All games will be full games of 18 ends with trial ends of two woods per person each direction.
  5. In games that are curtailed by reason of weather, pestilence of any other force majeure, 14 ends completed shall constitute a finish.
  6. Please take into account any other competitions that you may have entered when choosing your order of play as the next paragraph will apply.
  7. No show or late arrival may, at the discretion of the Controlling Body, be penalised by awarding the game to the opposition with a score of 21 shots to 13.
  8. If a team concedes more than two games as a result of “no show” or failure to present a team, then that team will be required to withdraw from the Competition, in which case any games previously played shall be expunged from the records.
  9. Any team that fails to field a team will be liable to pay theirs and their opponents match fee´s.
  10. All Players in the Fred Harris Australian Pairs must play a minimum of Three of his / hers Team’s games.
  11. The deduction of points for the above offence should be “at the discretion of the organizing committee”.
  12. Teams should field a mixed gender team for each round of the competition. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of 25% in the shots scored by the offending team. This rule is on the entry form
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