North Stars All for 1 + 1 for All South Stars
J McLaughlin B Bailey J Avey
B McLean M Bailey L Avey
T Corner Jack Chamberlain J Richards
S Corner M Chamberlain L Richards
V Woods L Bacheno B Doggett
Alan Fellows Margaret Harvey D Hart
Texas Rangers Home & Away Last Not Least
M Clark L Warnes M Chandler
S Clark R Warnes Frances Pont
J Ranger F Croft S Lucas
R Meadows M Croft R Lucas
J Logan D Poole M Masson
C Turner M Poole Ann Jones
Angels of the North Great Expectations Crows Nest
Peter Griffiths M Smith P Johnson
P Griffiths L Smith E Johnson
Maureen How C Barnsby V Erridge
C Nicholas L Stothard F Crowson
Les Porter N Richardson A Dogherty
Steve Smith M Richardson K Denton
Hillbillies Humble Pie Robleylawerts
R Langan M Adams T Lawley
C Langan V Humble M Lawley
R Chamberlain R Cockell D Roberts
J Chamberlain M Cockell J Roberts
Brian Winfield D Mawson
Jean Winfield C Mawson
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