Arabian Night May 2009

The Arabian Night

Well, Moors and Christians don't solely appear in our local villages and towns. On the 9th of May a crowd of mostly Moors turned up at the BBC to celebrate and have fun in 'One Night in a Thousand' - and they did that in style! The Club was decidedly Arabic in appearance with oriental decor supplied by our enthusiastic Committee.

The guests and members whole heartedly entered into the spirit of the occasion with a wide variety of Arabic garb. I am sure I spotted Osama Bin Whatsizname several times.

The evening commenced with a session of Oriental exotic dance led by Crista Ayoob and her team of background 'wobblers' who looked extraordinarily like Committee Members. Crista emerged from her oriental couch to thrill us all and they finished to rapturous applause.

When the men had recovered their composure, the Arabic meal, superbly prepared by Ged and his team, arrived to the plaudits of all taking part.

Having gained lots of delicious calories, the rest of the evening was danced away to music and singing provided by the excellent Carlita.

Well done again Social team for providing yet another star studded success, described so not by the team, but by the many compliments paid during and after the event. Especial thanks are due to Liz Henningham for her enthusiasm and effort in fronting this event - it would not have happened without her.

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