Three Kings 2010

The first social event of the New Year (and the new decade) was the Three Kings Dinner Dance, on the 5 January, which was also the culmination of the Club’s Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

All who attended the dance seemed to enjoy themselves on the night and we were well fed and watered, as we usually are, by Ged, Paula and their staff. The entertainer, Barry Peters, did a sterling job of getting us all on our feet dancing and singing along with the music.

Again we had a visit from the Three Kings, Melchoir (Fred Crowson), Gaspar (Bob Cockell) and Balthassar (Eric Johnson) who all looked wonderful in their costumes which were again made by Liz Henningham. The Kings handed out little parcels of sweets and crowns to all the guests.

The tradition of the cake (Roscon de Reys) was eagerly followed by all with the oldest person at the table cutting the cake, the youngest handing out the pieces, the person who found the figurine wearing the crown for the evening and the poor person who found the bean buying a bottle of cava for their table.

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