25th Anniversary Dinner Dance

25th Anniversary Dinner Dance

The night out at the Dance café was really great
The Bowlers of Benitachell had come to celebrate
The ladies looked swell, the gentlemen dashing
All night long the cameras were flashing
The food was excellent, the wine was flowing
All around smiling faces were glowing
The evening’s arrangements went like a dream
A big thank you, to Jak and her team

Well done to everyone involved in the evenings arrangements it was really a good night out.

Stuart Boud

As we walked into the newly refurbished Dance Cafe you just got that lovely feeling that tonight was going to be special. Perhaps the glass of bubbly you were given even before you had reached the table plan helped set the scene.

When arriving at your table to find that the normal name place card was in fact a bowling cloth with your name embroidered on it, was a very nice surprise as it is something every bowler will use and be a lovely reminder of the night for many games to come. After pictures under the 25th Anniversary banner we all took our seats, eagerly awaiting our dinner. John Ranger said grace, followed by the loyal toast from Tony Lawley.

The first dish of tapas arrived at the table, then another, and another then even more, until we lost count, each one adding to the flavour of the previous one. Would they ever stop someone on my table said, "I will have no room for the main course if they don't stop soon".

The main courses arrived, proper fillet steak cooked how you liked it. Then came the fish dish very nicely presented both making me wish that I should have chosen either instead of the lamb, but my lamb arrived and certainly the Dance Cafe had not let me down, the meat just fell off the bone and melted in my mouth. 3 excellent choices and everyone agreed a super main menu.

Sweet or, where I come from "pudding", not only looked good but tasted even better. I tried to be good by taking the fresh fruit salad option - well every little helps.

All washed down with a choice of wine, which did not seem to run out, every time the bottle ran dry, another seemed to appear. Oh I nearly forgot the coffee and chocolates, they were a great bonus treat to end the meal.

After a speech from Richard Gardener reminding us how the Club began and the response from me, it was on with the dancing.

All during the meal we had the group FreeWay playing a nice selection of light easy-listening music, but now they upped the tempo and the dance floor filled with eager bowlers and guests showing off their footwork and latest dance moves. OK, so some of the moves were not that new. Never-the-less the floor remained full all night, only stopping for a variety of quiz questions for which the lucky winner, first up to the band leader with the correct answer, chose from a super variety of prizes.

All too soon the clock reached that time of night when budding Cinderellas had to make the dash off the dance floor and head for home.

A weary but happy band of revellers departed, I wonder how many made it to club day the next morning? Not that many I am sure.

Special thanks go to Jak and the Social Committee organisers for all the hard work in making this event so special. I would like to add my personal thanks to Liz and Ruth who I know did so much, well done ladies you can be rightly proud of the result of your efforts.
Brian Doggett, BBC President

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