Rose Bowl / Walton Trophy

1st May 2019


Today the 1st May, the BBC ladies team played away against Javea Green ladies in the annual Rose Bowl competition.

On a nice sunny day, all teams played very well, with BBC winning on three rinks and Javea Green on two, the shot difference going our way, giving us an 8-4 win.

Thanks to Javea Green for their hospitality and many congratulations to all our players helping us to retain the Rose Bowl Trophy for another year.

Very well done.

Jinty Chamberlain
Captain of the day




On Wednesday the 1st May, BBC played host to Javea Green in the Walton Trophy, an annual contest between the two clubs. On a bright sunny day, both sides took part in a very competitive game, BBC winning on four rinks and Javea Green on two, with a good shot difference to us, returning the Walton Trophy to the BBC.

After the game drinks and a meal were enjoyed by all.

Thank you to everyone who played, giving us such a good win.

Richard Chamberlain
Captain of the day.

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