1 All games will be played under The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Second Edition unless varied below.

2 Fours, Triples and pairs, all of which must be mixed, will comprise 10 ends. Singles will be 12 ends OR 18 shots up, whichever comes first.

3 Fours and triples will be 2 bowls per person whilst pairs and singles will be played with 3 bowls per person.

4 There will be NO trial ends. One shot only to count on the first end of every game including singles.

5 A jack going out of play after the initial cast, i.e. during the end, to be re-spotted on the two metre mark or as close as possible thereto in the event of the mark being obscured by a bowl.

6 Players may not interchange between singles and fours or between triples and pairs.

7 Should a substitution or replacement be required this will be allowed, at the discretion of the Controlling Body and subject to certain conditions. Once the change has been made, the team will remain in this form throughout the remainder of the competition. To avoid any possible confusion a replacement MAY skip but a substitute MAY NOT.

8 2 points will be awarded for every game won, 1 point for a drawn game. Points will not be awarded in semi-finals or the finals, Total points attained will decide the winners of the team event. If there should be equality then shot difference after which the shot average will decide should the equality remain.

9 The losing teams in each session will provide a marker for the next session during the 4s and singles phase. Failure to comply will result in the deduction of 1 point from the score of that team.

10 Head visits are NOT allowed except in singles games, where a head visit may be made after both players have delivered 2 bowls. Skips remaining at the head whilst the opposing skip bowls will be considered to be a head visit for the purposes of this rule. Three’s up and Two’s up not permitted in Four’s and Trip’s.

11 All players are required to report at least 15 mins before the scheduled start of a game. “No shows” or late arrivals i.e. more than 10 mins after the scheduled start time will result in the game being awarded to the opposing team with a score of 12 shots to 6 or18 shots to 9 for the singles.

12 Play will commence from the “scoreboard end” for the first session each day and then alternate ends for each following session.

13 The Controlling Body will consist of the Club Captain, Vice-Captain, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary and Duty Umpire, any two of whom will constitute a quorum. As always, on the green, an Umpire’s decision will be final and the Controlling Body will have the final decision on any other matters of dispute.

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