2011 Premier League

The game was at San Miguel on Sunday 20th November. We had a singles, pairs, triples and rinks, we started play at and one point I was 17-12 down I looked across and saw that the pairs were drawing the triples and rinks were well down. My first thought was it wasn’t going to matter to much if I win or loose as at this point the results at BBC were not very good also.

I then managed to turn the game, and win. The pairs of Terry & Sheila Corner then also came out with a win. The rinks skipped by Jeff Richards who was 13-3 down with a few ends to play, and they also turned the game round thanks to a few marvellous shots by our captain John Hendrick, and they ended up drawing the game.

This resulted in us getting 5 out of 8 points away from home. We then had to sit and wait for the home results which revealed we had gained 4 points a total of 9 points and a win for BBC over San Miguel a very good result and a very exciting day.

Report by John Wright

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